An open letter to new mamas everywhere


Hey, new mama.

I know you’re tired

You haven’t slept the last few weeks because you’ve been SO uncomfortable. I know you were in labor for hours, maybe even days, and you’re mentally and physically exhausted.
I know you’re feeling all the feels. You are finally holding your little angel in your arms after all this time! It is equal parts exciting and terrifying!

You’re wondering, “will I be good enough for her? Will I be able to give her everything she needs!?”

Take a deep breath, new mama! Boy, have I been there! Emotions are running wild. You’re laughing one minute and crying the next, dealing with constant worry and compulsively googling.

Yup. I have been there.

If I could share one major thing with you that I wish someone would have told me – embrace your hot mess postpartum self!

I know it’s hard, mama. The comparison game is SO real!

I know what you think when you see other new mothers on social media- Everyone is bouncing back quicker than me, no one is struggling with feeding or milk supply like me, they’re working out already!? I’m still expelling clots and wearing diapers. Everyone seems to be in such a great headspace–am I the only one struggling!?

No one, I repeat, NO ONE expects you to have it all together! Guard your sanity. Don’t be afraid to say no to visitors, and if you do have company, don’t feel the need to play hostess!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, new mama, and accept it when someone offers it.

Don’t put the pressure on yourself to look like every instamom in your feed. They may have perfect hair, makeup, and be back in their jeans. It’s just as okay to wear sweatpants & a messy bun for as long as you want.

We mothers are amazing, don’t you ever forget that!

Postpartum is hard for everyone, but if you find yourself struggling, please contact our friends at Moms Mental Health Initiative. No Mama should be in this alone. 


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