Dear Reader, You are Enough


Dear Reader, you are enough.

Yeah, you, the one that puts on a smile to the outside world and replies, “good” when asked how things are going. I see you. I see the way your eyes lower after looking at yourself in the mirror. I hear your thoughts whispering how you’re failing, that you’re just not doing enough. I see your eyes closing, imagining walking out the door and leaving behind the chaos of crying babies, fighting siblings, and the day-old laundry sitting in the washer. I see you, the mother trying desperately to keep it all together. A wife barely present, struggling to maintain a healthy marriage. A woman just barely hanging on at work, trying to juggle a career with life at home. Yeah, I see you experiencing some or all of these things, but let me tell you, dear reader, you are doing it well even if you think you’re not.

Because Mama, you are more than enough. 

You’re getting out of bed when all you want is to pull the covers over your head.

You’re making breakfast for your kids, even if it’s only pouring dry cereal into a bowl or opening packages of sugary pop-tarts.

You’re changing dirty diapers and correcting shoes put on wrong tiny feet.

You’re taking deep breaths and letting go of a would-be argument with your teen.

You’re fighting not to give up, even though your mind and body are begging you to do so.

You’re at the end of your rope but are hanging on with all your might.

You’re doing all of this and so much more, yet no one gives you the praise you deserve.

So let me be the one, the one that gets you, an imperfect stranger in the trenches with you.  Regardless of how incompetent you feel, barely fulfilling the tasks and responsibilities at hand, you are doing enough. Take my virtual hand because Mama, you are making it. I know the weight carried upon you is heavy, but your love and devotion to your family are stronger. And if you did nothing you wanted to accomplish today, except prayed, gave your kid(s) a hug, or your husband a goodbye kiss, then that’s enough. Your family survives…thrives…is filled with love because of you. Please be gentle with yourself because you, dear reader, are enough.


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