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We’ve all been there — something is wrong and we know it, but we don’t know what is wrong. Or maybe we want to be proactive about our health only to discover that it’s harder than we thought to get an appointment with a care provider when something isn’t explicitly wrong. Healthcare should be personal, effective and empowering. It shouldn’t be frustrating, rushed or disconnected.

Midwifery is a wonderful healthcare option that can grow alongside patients from the time of puberty all the way into the later years, essentially traveling with the patient from menstruation to menopause! 

Midwifery Care at Ascension Wisconsin

Many people often think of midwifery only when it comes to pregnancy and birthing, but don’t realize that certified nurse midwives can provide a variety of services to patiences that extend far beyond the birthing experience. Appointments with a midwife tend to be a little longer, they value the personal connection with their patients, and they collectively believe in the unique, holistic philosophy and heart behind midwifery.

Video Chat with Certified Nurse Midwives from Ascension Wisconsin

We sat down for a little chat with three certified nurse midwives from Ascension Wisconsin, all of whom are currently accepting new patients, to learn more about what makes midwifery so unique.

Meet the Providers

  • Shannan Cantu Santoli, CNM : Shannan Cantu Santoli, CNM is a Certified Nurse-Midwife with Ascension Medical Group. She became a midwife because she believes in the value of women supporting women. She has a special interest in developing long term relationships with her patients in order to support their goals to maintain or achieve overall wellness and positive self care. She hopes to provide care where communication is the basis for forming the best health plan, whether that be to support physiologic birth or wellness goals.
  • Greta McCool, CNM : Mrs. McCool has a special interest in the mental health of reproductive aged women and breastfeeding. She provides gynecologic and pregnancy care and she is interested in supporting and promoting physiologic birth. She also promotes breastfeeding by supporting breastfeeding mothers and providing personalized education to her patients.
  • Alyssa Redman, CNM: Alyssa Redman, MS, CNM, APNP, WHNP-BC, is a certified nurse midwife with Ascension Medical Group. Ms. Redman is board-certified in nurse-midwifery and women’s health. She provides obstetrical, gynecological and preventive care to women throughout their lifespan. Ms. Redman has a special interest in natural family planning. She offers a holistic approach to pregnancy and the birthing experience. She believes that providing compassionate, evidence-based, trauma-informed care enables women to feel empowered as the leaders in their unique health journeys.

Compassionate Care Starts Today

Whether you are looking for a maternity care team, a healthcare partner for your birthing experience, a primary care physician, a specialist, or a family practice doctor, Ascension Wisconsin is poised to come alongside you as your partner in compassionate healthcare.

Visit ascension.org/mkemom to learn more and find a location near you! 


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