There’s a New Option for Treating Kids with Near-Sightedness, and We Tried It.

This post is sponsored by North Shore Eye Health and Wellness and its purpose is to share about a newer eye therapy option to address near-sightedness (also known as myopia.)
Right now, nearly 50% of the US population has Myopia, or Near-sightedness. The spread of this condition has reached epidemic levels and it is impacting our children at a much earlier age. Unfortunately, myopia is not a harmless condition. As the levels of myopia increase, so do the risks for blinding eye conditions such as retinal detachments, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. 

A Revolutionary Treatment for Near-Sightedness That’s Perfect for Active Kids

Paragon CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy). Paragon CRT utilizes a custom fit, corneal mold that gently re-shapes the corneal surface at night, while you are soundly sleeping. When you awake in the morning and remove your mold, you have lasting, sharp vision all day long without the use of glasses or contact lenses.  
The benefits of CRT are many however, of significance for our youngest patients are the benefits of slowing down the progression of the myopia disease process,  improving a child’s ability to learn, increasing their confidence and self esteem, and achieving greater success in extracurricular activities. 
After learning about CRT from Dr. Kyle Ross, we were fascinated. One member of the MKE Moms Blog contributor team was able to have her daughter try it out, and share about that experience. 

I always knew our kids would need glasses.  Pretty much anyone with eyes on both sides of our families needed glasses.

My daughter, Caryn, was the first of our kids to need them. She was a little second grader and couldn’t have been more excited about picking out her frames. She’s always been meticulous about taking care of them, and if we’d let her, she’d own every fashionable style available. She had tried contacts once, but they never really caught on with her. Caryn was just glasses kind of girl.

This summer, we learned about a treatment that would allow her to wear contacts at night and be glasses free throughout the day.

Dr. Ross at North Shore Eye Health and Wellness introduced us to Paragon CRT contact lenses which reshape the cornea while you sleep. It’s a neat process, but I wasn’t sure it would work for my daughter with her previous history with contacts. She was also apprehensive about not wearing glasses as they were a part of who she was.

We went in for the first appointment with Dr. Ross. They took pictures of her eyes with some cool tech, and turns out, Caryn was a great candidate! We returned in a couple of weeks and she was trained on how to store and wear them. It wasn’t easy at first. The training class took a little over an hour, and we were sent on our way for the first night. It was rough, I won’t lie. It took us probably an hour before she finally got them in. After that, it was pretty painless and she became a pro very quickly. 

Throughout the summer, my glasses lover has learned to love NOT wearing glasses.

She has enjoyed finding fun sunglasses to wear, doing kickboxing without foggy glasses, and most notably, not having to swim ½ mile across a lake (for her second triathlon) without being able to see more than a few feet in front of her. And she can have more fun with eye make-up because it won’t be covered up by her glasses.

This has been a great educational experience for our family. We now have a carefree teenager who doesn’t have to worry about breaking glasses or losing a contact ever again. It’s so worth the effort.

This process is safe, FDA approved, non surgical and completely reversible which makes it an ideal treatment modality for children during the adolescent myopia phase. 

Follow along with Caryn’s journey with CRT over on our Instagram account and reach out to Dr. Ross at North Shore Eye and Wellness to find out if your child would be a good candidate for this exciting treatment! 

How You Can Help Prevent Myopia in the First Place

One of the best things parents can do to promote overall eye health for their kids is to limit the screen time their kids spend on small devices like phones, tablets, and computers. We talked directly to Dr. Ross about how exposure to screens increases eye strain and can significantly increase chances of developing near-sightedness. 

Questions? Concerns? Get in touch with Dr. Ross at North Shore Eye and Wellness to learn more! 



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