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When I was a kid, I remember spending countless hours at my best friend’s house, jumping on her trampoline. Every time we asked her mom, who has had four kids, to join us, her response was always, “Are you kidding me? I’ll pee my pants!” 

It wasn’t until I had two kids of my own that I realized what she was talking about. These days, it feels like there’s no laughing, sneezing, and, especially jumping without an accident of some degree taking place. For so long, I was just under the impression that this was something moms just had to deal. It was just part of life after having a baby. But, it turns out, it’s totally not.

Fellow mamas, rejoice. As it turns out, we are NOT actually doomed to a lifetime of peeing our pants.

revitalize physical therapy
Front desk view at Revitalize.

I was lucky enough to visit Dr. Brenda Heinecke at Revitalize Physical Therapy a few weeks ago to take a look at my little problem, and she assured me that I’m not the only mom out there who thinks that a little bit of postpartum pee is something we should live with. According to Dr. Heinecke, most moms think that a weak pelvic floor is something we either just deal with or something that will improve over time with countless Kegels.

If you’re one of those moms, or pretty much just any woman who has birthed a baby, a visit to Revitalize Physical Therapy for a pelvic floor exam is exactly what you need. (Yes, C-section mamas. That includes you!) Dr. Heinecke believes a pelvic floor physical therapy session should be a routine part of postpartum recovery, and in many parts of the world, it is. It would absolutely help dispel the myth that incontinence, back pain, and a weak core are normal postpartum. In addition, it’s a great way to understand how your muscles all worked together to have that beautiful baby.

Before my visit, I was definitely a little apprehensive and not necessarily looking forward to it. I envisioned a Pap smear at the gyno. Turns out, it was not like that at all! Right when I stepped into Revitalize Physical Therapy, it felt more like a spa than a doctor’s office. Dr. Heinecke made me feel comfortable right off the bat, and I quickly relaxed and was able to enjoy the hour there.

Dr. Heinecke is an expert in pre/postnatal care, incontinence, low back pain, and female sports injuries. All of her visits are an hour of one-on-one care, and you’ll leave with exercises to work on at home. On average, she says most of her patients see her five times over a span of a few months in order to complete their treatment. My appointment did not include an internal exam, but she says the second usually does, and sometimes the first.

pelvic therapy
If you ever wondered what your pelvis and all the muscles inside look like, here you go.

There are five different things to consider when looking at pelvic floor strength: endurance, strength, coordination, reflex, and relaxation. In addition, it’s not just the pelvic muscles to blame for any issues down there: your back and core strength are extremely important as well.

We also talked about a lot about Kegels.

It turns out, almost 80% of women are doing Kegels wrong! It’s often possible that scar tissue or too much tightening of the muscles is the cause of incontinence. In that case, more Kegels will make the situation worse. Massaging of the scar tissue by a pelvic floor physical therapist can fix the problem in just a couple of visits.

Dr. Heinecke also took a look at my back, my pelvic alignment, and my core strength. We went through several exercises to strengthen my back and core, and talked about a few tips to reduce the pressure on my strained muscles. I left my appointment with a little bit of exercise homework to get done on my own time.

In addition to pelvic floor PT, Revitalize also offers massages, exercise classes, including barre, yoga, and pilates, and slow motion video analysis to improve sports performance.

I left Revitalize PT with so much information and, after just one appointment, can completely understand why Dr. Heinecke believes all moms should visit a pelvic floor physical therapist after having a baby. I discovered so much about the muscles in my body and how they all work together.

Even just a little bit of pee after a sneeze is not something women should just learn to deal with. I would recommend a visit to Dr. Heinecke and Revitalize Physical Therapy to absolutely every Milwaukee area mother. You’ll be able to throw those panty liners away after just a few visits.

As for me, I’m happy to know that there are still plenty of pee-free trampoline adventures in my future!

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