A Love Letter to My Exhausted Body


love bodyDear body, I love you. 

I decided to write you this love letter as I’m soaking in the bathtub, exhausted and sore, trying to find some healing. Self-care is important to me now more than ever, especially on a Tuesday that feels like it should be a Thursday. Reflection and gratitude are also important to me and so I want you to know how grateful I am for you.

I’m grateful for how strong you were to grow and give birth to two beautiful babies. I’m still in awe of how you grew and developed to make this happen.

I’m grateful for how dedicated you are to nurse the two of them even when you are worn out and can barely get yourself up out of bed.

I’m grateful for how resilient you are to carry them when they need you the most, even when your body aches.

I’m grateful for how energetic you can be to keep chasing those two little ones around all day even when you’re exhausted.

I’m grateful for how determined you can be to prove me wrong when I don’t think I have it in me to exercise.

I’m grateful for what I’ve grown to appreciate as your beauty: your green-blue eyes, your strong sturdy legs, the freckles on your nose and upper lip that appear every summer.

I’m grateful for and unashamed of your c-section scar. The scar that reminds me of the birth experiences of my two babies. The scar that reminds me of my strength as a woman and mother.

I’m grateful for the changing shape of your breasts. After breastfeeding two babies, I’m still not sure what they’ll end up looking like when that journey ends and that is ok with me.

I’m grateful for your curves. For your hips. For something I used to wish I didn’t have and now appreciate how very much this makes me feel like a woman.

I’m grateful for what I used to worry about that I now see as badges of experience and honor:
The wrinkles at your eyes from smiling and squinting in the sun.
The grays in your hair from getting older.
The bags under your eyes from lack of sleep.
The stretch marks on your thighs that remind me of how much you have changed throughout the years.
The not so flat stomach that reminds me of how much you stretched to accommodate your growing babies for 9 months before we welcomed them home.

I’m learning to love what I see of you in the mirror. It may not always be what I want to see, but seeing you will always remind me of what we’ve been through. And for that, body, I love you.

I’m forever indebted to you for all that you’ve done for me and for all that you’ll continue to do to carry me through each day.

Love always,


A note to the mamas: take the time to love your body. Treat it well. Feed it well. And appreciate its strength and beauty. It’s uniqueness to only you. We all have had times when we wished we looked a different way, but do your best to let that go. Do your best to embrace your body for what it has been through and what it does for you everyday.


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