A toast to all the moms who feel like a hot mess


It’s Sunday night and I am a hot mess. The little is all tucked in bed, an hour later than scheduled. There are bottles to be washed, the dryer is beeping at me that its finished, and the to-do list I made at the beginning of the weekend remains sitting on my counter, untouched. I have a good hour or two before sleep calls my name, so I could get a few things done around the house. Instead, I just poured myself a big glass of wine and am sitting on my living room floor scrolling through Instagram.

Each photo I scroll through makes me feel a little more guilty about my disheveled, hot-mess lifestyle. I see these sweet families, put together, smiling, out and about, and the truth is, my kid didn’t wear pants all weekend because we haven’t left the house.

Is my kid missing out? He deserves a better mom. I should really be planning more activities for him. Did I even brush my hair this morning?

Motherhood these days is so competitive and I try really hard to keep the feelings of not being enough at bay, but motherhood is not all sunshine and roses and this has definitely been a rain clouds and weeds kind of week.

So tonight, I raise a glass to the moms whose laundry still isn’t folded :: to the moms who are just barely keeping it together :: to the moms who think they have it all together, but feel like they are coming up short every time.

You are enough.

You are doing enough.

Didn’t make it to the museum this weekend? That’s okay.

Opted for the dry shampoo instead of a shower? That’s okay.

Is the house still a mess? That’s okay.

To-do list not done? That’s okay.

Drink the wine. Skip the chores. Kiss on your kiddos. Love them a little more each day. Stop beating yourself up. We are all going to be okay.

Cheers, my fellow hot-mess mommas. One day, we will master this whole momming thing. Until then, bottoms up!


  1. You go Kelsey! Morning is tough and going it alone even (way) harder. Sounds like you’re doing great. After all, pants are overrated!
    Jamie (CO Springs moms collective)


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