Reclaiming My Body Confidence with CoolSculpting by Quintessa

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Like many moms, my body transformed into something I didn’t recognize as I navigated my motherhood journey. I carried and delivered three healthy sons, but the stretching and transformations that took place in what felt like every corner of my person were mind-blowing and quite frankly, very difficult. I know I can’t be the only mom who has woken up, looked in the mirror and wondered why they didn’t recognize their reflection anymore and how this could have happened. 

Women’s bodies are incredible. They are powerful. And they are beautiful. 

I know this, empirically. The problem was that I didn’t feel like it was true for me. I grew up with pretty significant body issues and my postpartum body left me feeling more grotesque than empowered so I fell back on the bad habits from my youth that I knew would solve the problem. I crash dieted, obsessed over every calorie and became a slave to the scale. Sure, I lost the weight, but at what cost? I wasn’t happy and I certainly wasn’t healthy. The second I took my foot off the accelerator, the weight came back on and my confidence plummeted. 

It’s not that there was a certain number on the scale I needed, but I just wanted to feel like ME again. I wanted to reclaim that confidence and get to the point where I could be comfortable in my own skin without obsessing over the things that I saw as flaws. Even at my smallest, there was nothing I could do about my “Mom Pooch” that made me stand with my arms crossed, which is NOT the kind of person I really am.

I got the opportunity to try CoolSculpting thanks to Quintessa Aesthetic Center and I jumped on it. 

CoolSculpting QuintessaWhat is CoolSculpting? 

For a more thorough explanation, check out our CoolSculpting FAQ Post where I cover a lot of the big questions about the procedure, but basically it is a non-invasive procedure that actually freezes and kills fat. The staff at Quintessa Aesthetic Center offers this procedure in three locations — Mequon, Delafield and Sheboygan — and their goal is always to enhance the outer beauty so it matches the inner beauty within and restores a woman’s confidence. Sounds like JUST what I needed. 

It’s not about changing your body to make it the one you’ve always wanted. It’s about investing in the body you have so your confidence outside matches your fabulousness inside. 

What is the treatment like? Does it hurt? Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting? 

I discuss all of these questions in the CoolSculpting FAQ Post and I definitely recommend you do your research before getting started! Then schedule a FREE consultation with Katelyn, the Non-Surgical Body Coordinator, who not only answered all my questions but really put my mind at ease about the whole process. 

CoolSculpting is a procedure that freezes and permanently removes stubborn fat. CoolSculpting selectively freezes fat cells in targeted areas of the body. Frozen fat cells die, and are gradually eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. The result is a steady reduction in the thickness of the body’s fat layer. Each cycle permanently removes 20-25% of the fat layer. This leaves you looking slimmer and more toned. I was scheduled for two CoolSculpting cycles and today I am very excited to reveal the results! 

I did a live video from my very first CoolSculpting treatment at Quintessa Aesthetic Center and I would encourage you to check it out below. Not only do you get to see what it’s like, but we did a lot of Q&A with Katelyn as well. 

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The Big Reveal :: My CoolSculpting Before and After

My first CoolSculpting Cycle took place on at Quintessa Aesthetic Center on February 1st, 2017 and my second on March 20th, 2017. I came in for my final “after” photos to be taken on June 19th, 2017 — approximately three months after my second cycle. Why wait so long? It takes time for the body to naturally process and eliminate the now dead fat cells, so seeing the end results takes a few months. 

Between February 1st and June 19th, here is what I didn’t do. I didn’t crash diet or increase my exercise to an abnormal level. In fact, some life circumstances happened and I actually GAINED WEIGHT by the time I showed up at Quintessa Aesthetic Center for my big reveal. Needless to say, I felt a little embarrassed when I was getting ready to take the 360-degree photos and apologized to Katelyn saying, “I’m afraid there won’t be any change because I didn’t work hard enough.”

Ladies, at some point, we have got to stop coming down so hard on ourselves for not being enough all the time, right? 

We are enough. Period. For me, having CoolSculpting was never about changing my body to meet an ideal, but it was more like someone reaching out a hand to give me that confidence boost I needed to remind myself of the fabulousness that was already there. 

The Results

Let me preface this by saying that I’m pretty sure no woman in their right mind would purposefully put photos like this of herself out there on the interwebs for all the world to see. So, since we’re friends now, can I ask that you understand that I am being suuuuuper vulnerable here? K, thanks. 

CoolSculpting Before and After

Despite my fears, the photos spoke for themselves. Katelyn gently walked me through each Before/After comparison and pointed out the significant changes that had taken place. I was SHOCKED. I’d show you the transformation on my thighs, but I just couldn’t bring myself to crop these photos further south, despite the fact that we’re friends now. Even though I hadn’t lowered the number on the scale, my confidence soared because the “problem areas” I had been so focused on were completely transformed. Within weeks, I started to really notice how different my clothes were fitting and people started asking me if I had lost weight!

CoolSculpting Lessons Learned

It works, for real.

It sounds too good to be true — freezing fat away permanently without any invasive procedure. But it works. And I can testify to that. And the changes are permanent! Those fat cells aren’t coming back. So now, as I re-establish a fitness routine, I am able to head to the gym with way more confidence than before, not constantly feeling self-conscious about my pooch popping out of the top of my leggings. I am now able to actually use gym time as “me time!” And as the pounds come off, I will notice results in my body so much quicker and clearer because there is that much less fat on my body in those trouble zones! BOOM! 

It is customized to target what YOU need.

For me, it was all about that Mom Pooch. But for someone else, it might be the outer thighs. Or flanks. Or maybe you had a c-section and you’ve noticed there is kind of a “shelf” that has built up on top of the scar that you can’t seem to do anything about, no matter how hard you try. CoolSculpting can literally pinpoint those exact areas you want to treat and freeze the fat away. Quintessa Aesthetic Center does a fabulous job customizing the experience to give you exactly what you want and none of what you don’t. 

CoolSculpting is an investment.

Listen, we’re friends now so I’m gonna give it to you straight. This procedure is an investment. It’s kind of like making the decision to get rid of all the worn out fast fashion pieces from your closet and choosing instead to invest in a few quality, statement pieces that you will get significantly more use out of. Come to an upcoming Quintessa CoolSculpting Event or set up your free consultation with Katelyn to get a customized quote just for you. The best part is that the results of CoolSculpting are permanent. This isn’t something that wears off with time, so you can make your investment with confidence, knowing that the results will be there no matter what! 

So what did I do with my new confidence? I got in front of the camera. And when I saw this photo, I burst into tears and thought, “There you are.” 

Photo by Jennifer Brindley Portrait

Still have questions?

Download this FREE E-BOOK from Quintessa Aesthetic Center that goes into wayyyy more detail about CoolSculpting than I have been able to cover here. And I would encourage you to make an appointment for a free consultation with Katelyn because she is more than happy to answer any of your questions with no pressure at all. This is also the best way to learn more about pricing since this can vary depending on the needs of the client. 

Quintessa Aesthetic CenterIn addition to CoolSculpting, Quintessa Aesthetic Center offers a wide variety of aesthetic treatments as well as non-surgical and surgical services. I even got to try out Botox for the first time and discovered I absolutely love it! We are thrilled to be able to offer MkeMB readers $50 off your first service at Quintessa, regardless of what it is! And your consultation is always FREE! 



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