Quarantine Survival Kits for Kids and Parents


In unprecedented situations, we need to call in reinforcements. For some of us, it’s the activities that hold our kids’ interest and for others, it’s a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones that can drown out the sound of Into the Unknown. Our team has pulled together some go-to items you’ll want in your Quarantine Survival Kit to help get you through the coming weeks with your sanity!

Affiliate links are used in this post. As a local small business ourselves, this is a very stressful time where we are asking for your support as our local community to help us stay afloat. Any purchases made from the items below earn us a small commission.

Quarantine Survival Kit for Young Kids

We’re getting creative here, parents. The old tricks aren’t working for situations like these, so we’ve turned to our fellow parents for ideas of what we need to stock up to make it through just one more day of quarantine!

Quarantine Survival Kit for Big Kids

The coloring pages and craft projects are all well and good for the little kids, but as our children grow, it takes a lot more to hold their attention. This is no time to adhere to things like screen time limits, parents. We’re pulling out all the stops to keep our big kids sane during trying times!

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Quarantine Survival Kit for Grown Ups

Keeping our kids sane is one thing, but what about US?! We are juggling more than ever as parents and it’s important to keep ourselves cared for!

  • Marco Polo app – Video chatting app to stay in touch with friends and family throughout the day
  • Big White Yeti candle – You seriously can’t go wrong with any candle from this amazing local company, but the Sudden Change of Plans candle is a special batch created just for this season of social distancing where $10 from each candle sale goes to Meals on Wheels!
  • Weighted Blanket – To help with the increased anxiety at times like this!
  • Fresh flowers – On top of being stuck at home, the weather has been downright dreary most days. If you can get your hands on a bouquet of fresh flowers, you’ll be amazed at how much it can lift spirits.

What's in Your Quarantine Survival Kit?

quarantine survival kits

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