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This post is sponsored by AESTHETICS 360, a Med Spa in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee. The mission at AESTHETICS 360º Face & Body Center med spa is to provide the best all-around patient experience. Their commitment is to providing high quality and safe medical aesthetic treatments in a professional, yet relaxed and comfortable environment.

Loving the Skin You're In.....Easier Said Than Done?

December 2019

I grew up in the 80s and early 90s when grown-ups were literally oiling themselves down and sitting on roofs with reflective screens held up to blast their skin with more sun. To say I lacked good skin role models in my early years is an understatement.

I mean, I think we wore sunscreen sometimes as kids if we knew it was going to be super hot out, but of course as an adult I now see the lunacy of that logic. Anyway, the point of all of this is that as I am now in my mid-30s, the skin sins of my past have worked their way front and center on my face. Over the last couple years, I have noticed more brown spots, redness, and uneven tone on my skin that has led me to do three things:

  1. Ignore it and hope it gets better on its own.
  2. Buy a bunch of different products (usually influenced by someone on Instagram) and throw them at my skin, hoping they will be the magic elixir of my dreams.
  3. Cover it up with full coverage makeup and concealer on the daily.

Let’s get one thing clear right out of the gate, friends. I have no issue with getting older and with the effects of aging showing on my person. New gray hairs are popping out of my head on the daily and I gave up trying to yank them all out long ago, so now I call them my “sparkles.” Wrinkles? You won’t see me getting all bent out of shape trying to eradicate them from my face because I’m of the opinion that wrinkles are the receipts of full-faced smiles, laughter and a life well-lived.

So while I wasn’t looking to turn back the clock of aging, I had gotten to the point where I was pretty uncomfortable in my naked skin and THAT is what I sought to improve through this relationship with AESTHETICS 360.

Because women deserve to feel confident in their skin. PERIOD.

How the RIGHT Skin Treatments Go a LONG Way


It’s super frustrating for me when I spend money on promises rather than results and most of the time, that is happening because I didn’t take the time to make sure I was making the right choices. When it comes to caring for my skin, knowing what other people have done is all well and good, but what does that actually mean for ME and my skin concerns?

Step 1 for every client at AESTHETICS 360 is a consultation with a licensed aesthetician who will not only listen to your needs (so they aren’t suggesting things to you that you DON’T need), but will use the advanced VISIA Technology at their disposal to literally look underneath your skin to see what exactly is going on there. This machine can do everything from show you the brown spots under the surface to the skin damage from your teens to using aging technology to show you what you will like like at 80 years old. It’s pretty powerful stuff!

What I particularly liked about using the VISIA and talking with Aaron, the licensed aesthetician I worked with (who also has a highly entertaining knowledge of trash reality television), was that I was able to focus in on exactly what I was concerned with and the treatments that would help achieve those goals. Everything was tailored to me, my skin, and my goals and never did I feel pressured into more or steered toward treatments or products that weren’t in line with my specific skin.

My Treatments : Microneedling, BBL, and a SaltFacial

The Timeline

December – Initial consultation and Microneedling #1
January – Microneedling #2
February – BBL Treatment
March thru May – Coronavirus / Safer at Home / Not wearing makeup (or driving or being outside much, really) for three months straight
June – Salt Facial

One of the things I learned from my experience though these treatments is that that the world we live in has a HUGE impact on our skin. When I first showed up at AESTHETICS 360 in December, the cold air and winter temperatures showed up as increased redness and roughness. Plus, I was wearing makeup daily and driving regularly, causing more sun exposure on the left side of my face, etc. While my real age is 36, the VISIA calculated my skin’s age as 45!

December 2019


Since my biggest concerns were my skin’s texture and tone, we kicked things off with two rounds of microneedling. At first, I was a little intimidated at the prospect of someone using a pen full of little tiny needles to repeatedly jab me in the face, but it honestly was not uncomfortable at all! A numbing gel is applied to your face prior to treatment that really makes the procedure pretty tame, feeling more like a vibration or buzzing along your skin. Be prepared for a couple days of “social downtime” after microneedling because your skin will look a bit like a lobster for a couple days, bright red from all the fresh needle holes your aesthetician has just applied! After the redness dies down, the peeling starts and the old layer of skin sloughs away while the increased collagen and new skin start to show off. When I would wash my face in the morning and evening, I compared the texture to a Slip n’ Slide!

That Post-Microneedling “Glow”


After two rounds of microneedling with plenty of time to heal in between and after, it was time for one BBL (Broad Band Light) treatment. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to work closely with your aesthetician to determine the right combo of treatments for you and your skin because something like BBL in particular can do amazing things for some and it not particularly well suited for others, so consult a professionalSkin care and treatments are not one size fits all!

The cool thing about BBL was that it did not require the social downtime that microneedling did; no redness or peeling to deal with! No needles involved in BBL but instead the pulses of light that are fired at your face feel sort of a like a rubber band snap.

Fresh-faced after BBL!



In a normal world, the SaltFacial final stage of this treatment cycle would have happened a few weeks after the BBL, but alas. Thanks to the arrival of the Coronavirus, I spent the next three months shut up at home, barely driving (reducing the sun damage on my face) and wearing makeup basically never. Even though I had to wait until June for the final phase of my treatment, I was pretty shook by the effects of the previous treatments combined with three months of quarantine!

In fact… took FIVE YEARS off my skin’s age!!

June 2020


Yup, the combination of microneedling, BBL, and a three month quarantine where I was diligent about skin care and makeup was unheard of led to FIVE YEARS improvement on my face!

The final treatment was the famous AESTHETICS 360 SaltFacial. Hands down, this was the most relaxing and soothing treatment of the set I had experienced and I also noticed the most drastic immediate visible results immediately following. My skin looked brighter and felt smoother.

And now.....the FINAL RESULTS!


Goal #1 – Feel more confident going makeup-free

This one is definitely ACHIEVED! I have been floored by how much of an impact these treatments combined with daily skincare (and not using high-end fancy products either!) have had on my face. My tone is much more even, the redness has improved and the blotchiness that drove me bonkers is soooo much better! I have done several videos on our Instagram Stories lately without a stitch of makeup and I would have never done that before this help from AESTHETICS 360.

Goal #2 – Improved Skin Tone

The best way I can describe my skin tone at the beginning of this process was….DULL. Granted, it was the dead of winter, but I have noticed for a long time that I have never had that sort of glow or brightness to my skin. I would try to fake it with bronzers or luminizers or whatever the cool kids are using now, but could never pull it off. To be able to see actual BRIGHTNESS on my bare skin without products is a whole new world for me!

Goal #3 – Reduce Redness and Blotches

This was definitely the toughest nut to crack on my skin, but I can clearly see how the redness on my skin has been diffused over the last few months. Is it gone entirely? No……but this is where that whole “skin sins of the past” comes back to bite ya, because those spots are deeply embedded in my skin. I’m sure future treatments combined with targeted skincare and other measures would help us get even further on this goal, but for now I am pretty happy with the improvements I’ve seen!

Now it's Your Turn! Achieve Your Skin Goals at AESTHETICS 360!

I honestly can’t say enough great things about my experience at AESTHETICS 360. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel safe, seen and cared for. I was heard and my concerns and opinions were valued. My questions were answered. And the results have me all smiles!!

Here’s some great ways to get started:

  1. Check out the full highlight on our Instagram Profile where I shared photos, videos and real time reactions throughout this process! I don’t pull any punches and share my very real thoughts and opinions!
  2. Follow AESTHETICS 360 on Instagram and Facebook!
  3. Schedule a FREE Consultation with the incredible staff at AESTHETICS 360. Let them know you heard about them from Milwaukee Mom and this will be totally FREE! Ask your questions and get them answered in a no-pressure environment and see if this might be right for you!

MediSpa FAQs with AESTHETICS 360

There are a lot of questions people ask when considering a MedSpa and it’s important to make informed decisions about care like this! I brought some of the most burning questions directly to AESTHETICS 360 to answer. Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below!

The beauty and aesthetics industry is booming! With Zoom conferences where we stare at ourselves all day, to selfies, to comparing oneself to what they see on social media (angles, lighting, filters, photoshop) it seems that everyone is looking for the Fountain of Youth…or Fountain of how can I get a sharper jawline, fuller lips and high cheekbones 😉  There are many places one can now go to receive injectables such as Botox and Dermal Fillers…but please do your homework! A retail establishment whose main focus is hair and makeup, while offering Botox and Filler in the back room, may not be fully dedicated to the art & science of medical aesthetics.  Medical grade treatments such as Botox, dermal filler, peels, laser, Coolsculpting, microneedling, and products are just that…Medical. Complications can and do arise. There’s a saying in medicine that If your provider says they have never had a complication, then they haven’t treated enough patients. There is more training involved than one can imagine.  As a full-service Medical Spa, all of our protocols and procedures are supervised by a team of board-certified plastic surgeons. We offer a full range of non-surgical treatments designed to achieve and maintain healthy skin, a natural appearance, and balanced features. Our injectors are experienced Nurse Specialists and our skin treatments are performed by experienced Clinical Aestheticians. We do this in a fun, technology-forward space that is comfortable, casual, and non-judgmental. Our team has a passion for what we do and we have fun doing it every day!

It may be tough to determine whether or not treatments are needed to correct a current skin condition or if a strong skincare regimen will suffice. Do I need a new face entirely or will skincare revive the old one and bring it back to its former glory?  Really, skincare AND treatments are very important for the overall health and maintenance of the skin, but you must determine how long the conditions you wish to correct have been present. For example, If you have acne scarring that has been present for years, treatments will definitely be necessary to start the correction process. The same goes with darker age spots that remain all year long. In conjunction with the treatments being performed, a skincare regimen customized for your specific skin type and concerns is not just recommended it is vital to maintain the results of your treatments.

Almost everyone has heard a horror story or, unfortunately, has experienced one themselves. In order to make a confident and informed decision, know your providers credentials. Ask how long they have been in practice, what is their experience working with your specific concern/condition, what is the reputation and credentials of the Medical practice as a whole. Self research prior to your appointment is encouraged but it does not take the place of meeting with a licensed provider one on one.  An ethical provider will inform you of not only the benefits of treatment, but the risks, possible complications, and downtime as well. Are you comfortable with the provider?  Did you leave feeling informed and excited? Anyone can just take your money and perform a treatment, but an ethical provider will listen, educate, and provide the “why” behind what is being recommended.  An ethical provider will not pressure or judge you. It doesn’t hurt if they can make you laugh though 😉

Becoming a licensed aesthetician is no walk in the park. The state requires 450 hours and quite a few schools in the state have programs that exceed this (A360 Aestheticians have completed programs at 600 hours). Theory subjects that are studied include physiology of skin & anatomy, cosmetic chemistry, electricity, electrotherapy, etc… (you know, nothing too heavy *wink wink*). In addition, A360 Aestheticians are trained and certified in Laser Physics & Safety so they can safely and effectively perform Laser Light Therapy treatments such as the BBL (Broadband Light) for reducing pigment, brightening skin, turning the clock back on cell damage, and more!  In addition to study, the practical portion of the program is where the student aesthetician puts all of their knowledge into hands on application. Facials, waxing, body treatments, makeup artistry are just some of the services provided to real clients under the supervision of a licensed aesthetician and instructor. Once training is completed, the student will study to pass their boards to be licensed by the state.  Moving on to Medical Aesthetics is then a completely additional venture.  There aren’t schools that teach medical aesthetic treatments.  At A360, treatments such as medical grade microneedling, laser, medical grade chemical peels, SaltFacial and CoolSculpting are learned through on the job training and hundreds of hours of shadowing, apprenticeship with a master aesthetician, and advanced study.

A real estate agent will say ‘location location location’.

An aesthetician will say ‘prevention prevention prevention’. 

So, what can you do RIGHT NOW? This exact minute?  This exact second? All jokes aside, a strong skincare regimen used morning and night (no excuses that you’re too tired) will ensure your skin can be it’s best through whatever life throws at you…environmental changes, a demanding boss, angsty teenagers, etc.  Your licensed provider will customize a regimen that fits your lifestyle, and one that you can remain compliant with.  This would include any or all of the following: cleanser, antioxidant, exfoliator, hydrators, retinol, eye cream, mask. If you know that you’re simply not going to be compliant with a 5-step program, no matter how amazing the results may be, please let that be known.  We can pare down the regimen to 1-3 products suited best for your skin that can still deliver results! Remember, medical grade skin care products are integral to enhancing and achieving results from in-office treatments and to prevent, correct & maintain.  

Medical grade products legally have to demonstrate clinical efficacy and prove that they do what they say they claim.  Over the counter products found at any retail store or purchased online can make any claims they want…there is no government oversight.  There is a higher level of efficacious ingredients allowed in medical grade products, and as such, require the education and guidance of a licensed professional prior to starting use.  One must also be wary of purchasing medical grade products online because a lot of the product manufacturers don’t allow it, except through their own sites.  So beware of medical grade skin care being sold online as it could be diverted product that is counterfeit or expired.  

Here’s an analogy we like:  If you just had surgery and were in a lot of pain, you can go to the store and get Tylenol or you can get an Rx from your Doctor for pain reliever.

The Rx is going to be much more effective 🙂

There are definitely options for those with diagnosed skin conditions like rosacea or melasma. However this is where the expertise of the service provider is really crucial. For example, treatments like BBL (broadband light) are great for rosacea but not at all helpful for melasma (hormonal pigment). These determinations are made during the initial consultation and that is why the consultation is so crucial in coming up with a safe and effective treatment plan. We recommend that if there is a concern with Rosacea that it is properly diagnosed first, through a visit with a board-certified Dermatologist.

The amount of melanin in one’s skin will play a role in determining what treatments will be best suited. If a treatment is too aggressive…say BBL (broadband light) or even a deeper chemical peel, the result could be loss of pigment.  Loss of pigment, known as hypo-pigmentation, more often than not is irreversible. Pre-conditioning the skin is absolutely essential if one is going to have more assertive treatments! I’ll say it again and a million times if I have to, consultation consultation consultation. Relying on information from the internet, a social media “influencer” or celebrity is not the same as expert assessment from a trained, licensed aesthetician with clinical experience.

With any sort of medical aesthetic procedure, there may be some discomfort. While beauty is pain and pain is beauty might be an outdated statement, there may be a shred of truth there. Patient safety & comfort is a guiding principle here at A360. We strive to make the treatment flow as smoothly and comfortably as possible. For some treatments we apply a topical numbing cream beforehand (as with microneedling) and that really helps mitigate the sometimes uncomfortable sensations that come with the treatment. Aestheticians through and through are educators.  We will happily explain, hand hold, and equip you with as much knowledge as possible.

While this is a question we get asked quite a bit, it is not a question we can give a concrete answer to. Everyone’s concerns are different and trying to compare one treatment to another is like comparing apples to oranges. In addition to concerns, other factors such as skin type, skin tone, age, timeline, budget, goals, seasonality, etc… will impact the course of treatment. Aestheticians are like architects in that we can design a beautiful and effective treatment plan even when thrown a lot of different curve balls, but there is never just one treatment that will knock that ball out of the park. 

Author’s Note: If you’re looking for a pampering treatment that does immediate and noticeable wonders for your skin that is well-suited for EVERYONE, ask about the Salt Facial at A360! It’s INCREDIBLE.

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