Splashing Into Swim Safety at Goldfish Swim School

This post was written as part of a sponsored relationship with Goldfish Swim School - Brookfield. The opinions expressed are completely genuine and we feel great about recommending terrific resources that help keep our readers and their children safe.

Goldfish Swim School

I grew up minutes from the Pacific Ocean and swimming was a huge part of my childhood. I love everything about being in the water. It is my calm, happy place. My kids have inherited this love. They beg to spend every waking moment at the pool during the summer. We love water-parks and are getting ready to take our first big vacation to the beach. However, my little kids, ages 6 and 8, aren’t the best swimmers. As a mom of three boys, time is tight. Our oldest son started swimming lessons at 6 months old and took them until he could swim. Our middle son took swimming lessons sporadically throughout this life. Our youngest has never loved swimming lessons, so we haven’t forced it.

When our family had the opportunity to try out the new Goldfish Swim School located in Brookfield, I got so excited. After doing a little research on Goldfish Swim School, I was drawn to their strength-based, individualized swimming lessons. The small classes, of no-more than four students per instructor, was also appealing. Our boys have special needs and thrive in small groups. I knew this would be an environment that our kids would excel in. We went to a family swim before they started lessons to get them excited and boy did it work. They couldn’t wait for their first lesson! 

Goldfish Swim School

The Facility

I love everything about the Goldfish Swim School facility. It’s warm, inviting and clean. The bright colors are engaging to the kids. The large wall of windows means that I can watch their swim lessons without interfering. The changing rooms are large, well lit and clean. Because they are individual changing rooms, it means I don’t have to navigate the issue of my boys in a girl’s bathroom. The boys love drying their swimsuits in the special dryer and using the blow dry bar. The art table, play kitchen and train table entertain my kids when they aren’t in lessons.

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Scheduling lessons was a breeze. I filled out an online interest form and was called within minutes to set up the lessons. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me identify which levels our boys belonged in. The staff helped us find lesson times that allowed the boys to swim either at the same time or 30 minutes apart. Now we schedule all our lessons online. This is so handy for making changes the week of, especially if someone gets sick or something unexpected comes up. Each child receives a t-shirt, swim bag and login tag. I love the swim bag and login tag because it fosters responsibility in my kids. If they want something to go to swim lessons, it must be in that bag.

goldfish swim school

The Lessons

From the moment my boys set foot in the pool, we were impressed with the instructors. They were knowledgeable, engaging and motivating. For the whole 30-minute swim lesson, my boys were moving and having fun. The instructors clearly love everything about swimming and share their joy with the kids. It’s very common to see the owners, general managers and deck supervisors jumping in the water to test kids or lend an extra hand. We all love that when you move up a level you get a ribbon and free scoop of custard at Culvers! There are cool incentives every step of the way that keep our kids’ eyes on the prize!

The instructors have worked to motivate each of the boys differently. Our 8-year-old is super competitive. So the instructors have challenged him to move up quickly. In six short weeks, he’s moved up two levels. He has mastered the front stroke and backstroke. He is now learning the butterfly and breaststroke. He’s learned to tread water and basic safety skills. His love for the water has deepened.

Goldfish Swim School

Our 6-year-old has always been wary of swimming lessons. He doesn’t like to lay flat on his stomach or back. When we’ve tried lessons in the past, he gets so nervous that he tenses all the muscles in his body, which makes him sink. We weren’t sure how he would do in these lessons. However, it was clear from the beginning that his experience at Goldfish Swim School would be different. The first thing the instructors taught him was to float on his back and stomach. It took him a few weeks to master it but once he did, you could visibly see his swimming improve. His whole body relaxed and he could finally focus on swimming. Once this happened, his instructors began to motivate him to move up a level with the promise of a ribbon and a high five. His confidence in the water has skyrocketed. On a recent trip to a pool, he was swimming around with a smile on his face! What a huge victory!

Overall, we love our lessons at Goldfish Swim School. The boys are gaining skills so quickly and look forward to every lesson. I love the inviting atmosphere and engagement of the staff. I can’t wait for a beach vacation in a few weeks so we can use our new swimming skills.

goldfish swim schoolReady to Swim?

If you’re ready to get your little goldfish in the water, head on over to Goldfish Swim School – Brookfield and sign up today! 


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