Workouts with Weights: How They Changed Me


workout with weightsWorking out with weights has changed me dramatically.

Not only have they changed me physically, but weights have changed me mentally too. They have become part of almost every workout and I can’t imagine going back to exercising without them now. While they may seem intimidating or difficult at first, the benefits  of working out with weights are worth it.

I’ll admit I was scared of the weight room at the gym.

Some of the machines look terrifying, and I had no idea what to do with the free weights. I actually had no intention of ever using them because I joined the gym to use the cardio equipment and take the classes. So, when I took a new class, I was surprised that everyone was getting hand held weights to use.

Instead of walking right back out the door, I decided to stay and try it.

I never realized that you could incorporate weights into a workout in a class setting. It provided me with instruction, guidelines, and ideas. I learned the proper way to lift and discovered many muscles I never even knew I had. Plus, it made the workout more dynamic, kept me (and my muscles!) guessing, and really made me sweat. I got way more out of that workout than any I’d done on one of the cardio machines.

I also found it way less intimidating to use weights when there were lots of other people learning to use them too. I’ve never been to comfortable with a personal trainer, so a class setting was a great way for me to learn the right technique without the pressure.

Since that class, I haven’t looked back.

Here are my reasons why you should incorporate weights in your workout.

It feels good to be strong.

No matter what your fitness level, by adding some type of weight you can get stronger. Even starting with very light weights, the more you lift, the easier it becomes.

I love that I can lift heavy things now. No need for help getting that giant package out of my car. I can still lift my seven year old twins without throwing out my back.

Which leads me to…

Injuries don’t happen as often.

Weights are a great way to build muscles so that you don’t injure yourself when you’re doing things in everyday life. Muscles protect your bones and joints, and you need that protection more and more as you get older. They are like preventative medicine.

I feel more confident.

Not only do I think I am physically more able to defend myself, but weights have made me believe in myself. I started doing something I never thought I would be able to do. When you eliminate any source of fear, you’re left with power. Plus, my clothes fit better, and I have actual muscle definition. That never happened for me before weights were incorporated into my workouts.

If you want to feel stronger, more confident, and get healthier, consider adding weights into your workout routine.

Looking to get started? There are many local gyms with childcare that might be for you.


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