Working Out At Home : How to Stay Active During Quarantine


We are still trying to figure out the best way to continue with social distancing while keeping the same routines. We have gathered together some great websites/apps to help you to continue to work out at home. These are great if you are trying to keep a routine up, are just starting to want to work out, or are needing to have the kids get some energy out!

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Working Out at Home : Ideas for Families

  • Cosmic Yoga– Free videos on YouTube, great for all ages.
  • Go Noodle– Free! Kids can learn and move at the same time.
  • Fit Deck– Basically a deck of cards with different exercises on them. They have kid and adult decks available on Amazon.
  • Fitness Blender– Lots of different free videos, they even have videos for kids.
  • Fitness Marshall– Hilarious videos (search on YouTube) of dance workouts set to pop hits. Great if you want a fun workout and make the kids dance. Make sure you select the Kid Friendly playlist if you want to avoid songs with some more grown-up language.

Working Out at Home : Ideas For Adults

  • Burn Boot Camp – While all of us are stuck at home, the Burn Boot Camp trainers are posting frequent videos that can be done at home without equipment. Check out the Facebook Pages of your local Burn for more!
  • Shred415 – Shred415 will be producing at home workouts available on their national Instagram IGTV. They also have a #dailymile challenge. Closer to home, Shred415 Elm Grove will be posting one at home workout each morning on their Instagram page.
  • PopSugar Fitness – TONS of (free!) different workouts from yoga to crossfit.
  • MommaStrong– This one is $5/month and has pregnancy, new mom, and other workouts tailored to mommas.
  • Bikini Body Mommy– This mama is currently pregnant with her SIXTH CHILD and she is absolutely incredible. Look up FREE videos, these are great exercises for any level. We love how she is all about that body positivity and keeping it real while still making you sweat.
  • Peloton – They are currently having a free 90-day trial! Download the app.

Working Out at Home : DIY Ideas

  • Gym Class- Have the kids do jumping jacks, run in place, use hula hoops, time them as run around the house (or distance outside) or do some basic stretching.
  • Set up an obstacle course with lots of jumping and crawling. Get outside if you can!
  • Make your own exercise deck of cards.
  • Have a dance party!
  • Run/walk while the kids bike or scooter around the neighborhood.
  • For adults, look up various body weight exercises and set a routine to do for 20-30 minutes. Some of my favorites are lunges, squats, burpees, leg lifts, crunches, step ups (use stairs in the house), plank, push ups and jumping jacks. Whew! Lots of things you can do without any extra equipment.

Even if you aren’t used to working out at home, these are great ways to break up the day, release some stress, and tire those kids out! Let us know how you are working out while staying home.


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