Workout Motivation:: How I Found My “Why”


I have not always loved working out. In fact, I used to hate it. 

To me, working out meant a) running, which I hate or b) using a super boring machine at the gym. This isn’t to say I wasn’t active. I’ve always been a dancer and I still currently teach. Plus, I’m a mom. But it didn’t keep me healthy or from gaining weight.

I gained more than the “freshman fifteen” and never lost it. Add in two pregnancies, and you get the picture. I was tired, felt terrible, and had high blood pressure. I was on the verge of medication. I needed a change.

I worked on my diet first with portion control, but I was still flabby and tired. I knew I needed to exercise, but I couldn’t motivate myself at home. So I joined our local gym for the first time since becoming a mom. I’d failed with gym memberships before but I didn’t know what else to do. How was this time going to be different?

workout motivationChildcare

Did you know some gyms have free childcare? This was huge. No need for a babysitter or to bribe my mom to watch the boys. Plus, they’d get some social/play time. They weren’t in any type of preschool, so it was new friends and new toys. Plus, child-free time for me! No one hanging on me or calling my name a thousand times.This might be all the motivation needed to get to the gym. However, just because you’re there, doesn’t mean you want to exercise. Even though alone time seemed awesome, I still wasn’t excited. Those treadmills were still just as boring.


That’s when I found my thing: classes. Since I’ve taken about a million dance classes, I’m not sure why I hadn’t tried any before. Zumba seemed like the closest workout to dance, so I decided that would be my first. It was crazy. It was loud. It seemed like a new world. Everyone knew the music and routines, or at least it seemed that way to a newbie like me. But, no one laughed. Honestly, I don’t even think anyone noticed me. So, even though I looked like a mess, I didn’t let it discourage me. After a few classes (more like ten), I started to get the hang of it. The hour went by fast. Plus, I really worked up a sweat. I was finally enjoying my workout, and it made me want to try more.

Boot camp is a mixture of weights and cardio. I’ve never worked out with weights before, but luckily, when you do it in class, you get instruction. Perfect! Boot camp was hard, but in a good way. It really got my heart pumping, my muscles working, and calories burning. It was always different, too, so no boredom. I finally saw some definition in my arms and felt strong. 

Your  Workout Motivation

My gym time became non-negotiable. Not only am I getting healthy, but it’s “me” time. At home, I’m constantly making decisions and doing things for other people. At the gym, I just listen, do, and take care of me. I love that my blood pressure is normal without medication, that I have more energy, and that my clothes fit better.

That’s my workout motivation. But, it might not be yours. The key is to find your why. A gym or class may not be your thing. You may love running. I won’t judge. Just keep trying until you find it. There’s no time limit on finding your workout motivation. As a mom and as a person, your health is important. 

What’s your workout “why?”


  1. Awww I love this. And you’re so right—everyone has a different why; you just have to find what that is. I’m glad you were able to find yours and that you get so much enjoyment out of your classes—and hey, free childcare isn’t too shabby!!

    Hope you’re having a great week!! Xo

  2. I found my ‘why’ several years back and got into great shape. Then after the birth of my 5th baby I was struck down with severe chronic illness. Now Michelle more than a walk around the block is too much for me.


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