Christmas Craft for Kids :: Easy DIY Felt Christmas Tree


In August, I bought a condominium for my daughter and I, or as we call it, The Condo. My parents’ house is still known as Home. I love our place. It’s our princess castle where we create magical art projects and get lost in good books. More importantly, this Christmas season is extra special because it’s the first one at The Condo.
Since the living room is on the narrow side and I have a very interactive three year old, I decided to make a felt Christmas tree to put presents under instead of an actual tree. This DIY felt Christmas Tree is an easy Christmas craft you can do with your young kids that allows them to be creative and make a mess while still creating something you will be proud to display among your holiday decorations. 

DIY Felt Christmas Tree



  • 1 yard of green felt
  • Various colors of squares of felt 
  • Yellow felt square for the star
  • Scissors
  • Adele-25 CD – for happy background music
  • Pen/pencil/marker
  • Paper or card stock for making ornament template
  • Paint for ornament decoration – I used glittery paint
  • Command clips/tape


  1. Turn on Adele-25 CD.
  2. Cut out the tree: Fold the green felt in half and trace half of a tree. I did a simple triangle cut out. 
  3. Create an ornament template and cut out the ornaments from the colored felt squares. 
  4. Decorate the ornaments with the paint. 
  5. Cut out the star.
  6. Put the tree on the wall with the Command clips. 
  7. Decorate and have fun! 

    Clips come off the door easily and without ruining the felt or coating on the door.


How do you plan on decorating this season? Have you already finished decorating or do you do it closer to Christmas?

felt christmas tree



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