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Summer Break is just around the corner. Anyone else already panicking about having ALL THE CHILDREN around all the time? It’s hard enough to try to keep a household running with work, school, sports, etc but when you add in wild summer schedules, wet swimsuits, beach towels, sand, smears of sunscreen, sweat, mud and goodness knows what else — it becomes quite the challenge!

But what if the design of your home could be an ASSET to making your life run just a little smoother? What if the space was designed just for you and the needs of your family? 

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Sustainable Solutions That Stick

While recycling and taking shorter showers are great ways to go green, home sustainability goes further than resource and waste management. We’re talking about sustainable solutions for your home that will stand the test of time and, of course, the kiddos! With summer around the corner, that means one thing for busy moms: the kids will be home all day, every day. From kid-friendly flooring and appliances to organization and storage tricks, we’ve got tips that will help you maintain a coordinated, clean and happy home this summer and beyond! After all, summer is supposed to be fun, right?

Let’s start with where it all begins: the foyer. Between active pets, rambunctious kids, summer play dates and home guests, we’re guessing your foyer is prone to a lot of traffic. To combat pet paw prints, hide muddy shoes and allow yourself more organization for outerwear and outside toys, consider adding new storage to your entryway. A built-in bench with storage underneath provides kids a place to take off their shoes and gives you the perfect space to hide them. To maintain clean floors year-round, consider installing a flooring option that is known for durability and easy cleaning.

Pro Tip: Luxury vinyl tile is a great option for families. This stylish yet functional flooring option was created to withstand stains, scratches, and scuffs. Visit a showroom that specializes in flooring and while you’re there, consult with a professional that can help you determine the best flooring option to fit your family’s needs.

The Kitchen. Your kitchen can seem like Grand Central Station in the summer. With your kids helping themselves to snacks, seemingly every five minutes, fingerprints are bound to cover your refrigerator. Instead of dealing with endless fridge fingerprints, look into smudge-free appliance options to help you keep the space looking squeaky clean.

kitchenNot only will appliances receive a bit more traffic this summer, but with kids preparing food and completing summer projects in the kitchen, your countertops need to be prepared for anything. Aside from making sure your kitchen is equipped with the essential, kid-grade cleaning supplies, we recommend investing in countertops that will do most of the stain fighting for you.

Quartz countertops are known for their durability and easy maintenance. This material is just as beautiful as granite and is non-porous, making it stain-resistant. Additionally, quartz is more forgiving than granite, so it won’t chip or crack easily. This long-lasting, sustainable countertop option can help alleviate stress by providing your family with a working space that withstands wear and tear.

With the weather getting warmer, your kids are likely itching to spend some quality time outside. Unfortunately for your carpet, this means more mud, dirt and dust inside. If you’re looking for ways to spend less time scrubbing the floors and more time outside with the kids, find carpeting that’s both stain and dirt resistant.

Pro Tip: When planning a carpet upgrade, be sure to determine home areas that receive the most wear and tear. Kid’s bedrooms and staircases are great places to implement stain resistant carpet, as they are the centers of so much activity throughout the day. Keep in mind, you don’t have to sacrifice style for durability or price, either. Find a flooring partner that offers large style selections at family-friendly prices and keep these spaces looking crisp and clean all summer long.

As you prepare for a full house this summer, consider revamping these home spaces with stylish solutions that will stick well past the chaos of summer. Once you’ve found the right products and organizational tools that work for you and your family, you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the summer days knowing your home is prepared for anything.

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