The Traveling Mom’s Struggle:: How to Manage Home



I am a full time working mom who travels a lot. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and still have not figured out how to find a routine for how to manage things at home that works. When I’m home, it feels like chaos. When I’m gone, it seems like things run smoothly. I crave a consistent rhythm when I’m home and gone so the transition isn’t such a nightmare.

My hubby pulls the weight when I’m on the road. Well, a combination of the husband, the twelve year old, and my mom, who sometimes pitches in. When I’m home, all the things are back on me. My goal is to come up with a strategy to help manage everything when I’m home and when I’m gone. 

What I’ve begun to learn is that I shoulder a lot of the burden of attempting to plan and manage our household on my own. Not because I have to, but because I have refused to be inclusive with such things. This is perhaps why I have yet to be successful. So the first( and possibly the most important) step will be to include my husband and kids in the process of creating a routine. I have a set of expectations of how rooms should look, that the sink must be empty, and the trash taken outside, but how we get the house to be that way is negotiable. I will need to communicated clearly with everyone about my hopes and expectations. 

My goal is this: PEACE. I want to look forward to coming home more. I want to yell at my kids about things that haven’t been cleaned or put away less. I want them to take pride in their home and become responsible humans. And I want my husband and I to have time to rest and enjoy each other when the kids go to bed, rather than sit exhausted and in frustration at the chaos that has become a constant state in our home.

This year, I vow to make some changes. Changes that will balance the workload between my active, capable family members when I’m home and when I’m gone. A way to manage everything from kid transportation, homework, gym time, meals, and housework. Something that is realistic, flexible, and consistent.

I don’t have any of this figured out. I would love to hear from other working moms who DO have it all figured out- maybe not even all of it, but some part of her work/home routine. What are your strategies for household management when you work full-time and even more so if your career involves travel away from home?


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