Giving the Gift of Time :: 12 Months of Milwaukee Dates to Enjoy with the One You Love


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The holiday season is upon us!! While this is the season of giving, what do you get for someone who has everything?

We have too much stuff, plain and simple. Every day we see ads and commercials that tell us to keep buying stuff… that this stuff will make us happy. The more stuff you get, the happier you will be. But does it really work like that? Recently there has been a shift towards minimalism (Purge all the things!) and spending more time with one another instead of buying more things. So what do you do around holidays or special events?

The one thing that everyone seems to want more of is time. In the years past, I’ve done “25 days of Christmas”  for my husband. But let’s be real, since our son has been born I don’t have the same kind of time to devote to putting it all together. We are in a season of our marriage where it is incredibly important to stay connected but it has also been very difficult. As we find ourselves trying to balance our professional, social, and family lives, it can be hard to find time to dedicate to our marriage.  We try and do regular date nights but things come up, we run out of date night funds, don’t have a babysitter, the excuses are endless.

But what if we had Date Night planned out WAY in advance?

The idea was brought up in our Community + Connection Group the other day as one mama was looking for more date night ideas to gift her husband with 12 pre-planned dates in 2018. It takes the guesswork out of date night and leaves it less up to chance, hopefully making for a successful date night and time to reconnect. The great thing about this is you can literally do whatever you want. They could all be one-on-one date ideas or you could even incorporate family events into the mix. If you can financially swing it, purchasing tickets or gift cards or even setting aside the necessary amount of cash to ensure you are able to follow through on the date. You can take it one step further and connect with your babysitter(s) of choice and secure their services way in advance.

The tough part? Planning out your dates and making sure they fit within your budget to make this realistic for you and your partner. Here are just some of the many fun and unique MKE area ideas that were thrown around. Here is a quick list of some great local ideas!

Milwaukee dates12 Months of Milwaukee Dates

Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear – Milwaukee : The Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear, a non-profit organization, operates as a Milwaukee history museum in a historic building displaying the late Avrum Chudnow’s (1913-2005) extensive and eclectic collection of early 20th Century Americana. The museum contains various shops and exhibits from his collection, from the 1920’s and 1930’s era.

Marcus Center For the Performing Arts – Enjoy a play at our very own Marcus Center For the Performing Arts. Many different shows are offered throughout the year, find the calendar of events here

Big City Scavenger Hunts – Explore your city or your favorite destination with an exciting, self-guided scavenger hunt powered by your smartphone. You’ll earn points as you solve clues and complete challenges. You can start your adventure at any time and explore at your own pace. Click here for the Milwaukee scavenger hunt, but if you’re looking for more of a destination date, there are also scavenger hunts offered in Madison, Lake Geneva, and Chicago. 

The Milwaukee Rep Theatre – In Milwaukee, we are incredibly lucky to have many options in the performing arts. There are many different performances offered throughout the year, find the calendar of these events here. 

Frank Lloyd Wright Milwaukee Home Tour – The American System-Built Homes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Frank Lloyd Wright’s earliest system of low-cost housing. Over a career spanning seven decades, Frank Lloyd Wright took special interest in creating architect-designed homes for moderate and low-income families. Each magically shelters it occupants in beautiful spaces, connects them to nature, and allows them to feel more alive. Find tours in Chicago here and more throughout the state of WI here and here

Kayak Rental – Enjoy some time out on one of Milwaukee’s rivers or other body of water in the Milwaukee area. Milwaukee Kayak Company, LLC and Clearwater Outdoor offer many different rental options, and The Urban Ecology Center offers free equipment rental to members

Wisconsin State Fair  – There are ticket deals available now through the end of December! 

Summerfest – The Big Gig is a summer date night no-brainer. 

Brewery/Distillery ToursLakefront Brewery, Sprecher Brewing Company, Milwaukee Brewing Company, MillerCoors, Brenner Brewery, and Mobcraft are just a few local options. You can also take a walking/shuttle tour with Fun Beer Tours to not only see a few different breweries but to also learn some history about our local area and it’s breweries. If you aren’t a big beer person and would prefer a distillery tour, you’re in luck! We have Great Lakes Distillery, Central Standard Craft Distillery, and Twisted Path Distillery right in our backyard! 

Sporting Events – Don’t forget about the Brewers, Bucks, Packers, Admirals, The Wave, and the Badgers if you have a sports fanatic in the family! Many of these stadiums also offer tours as well.

If you still need more ideas, you’re in luck! Thankfully we have a guide for that, plus we are so lucky to have countless seasonal festivals, outdoor concerts, and amazing restaurants here in Milwaukee!

Here’s to giving your partner or loved one the gift of time this year. 


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