Marriage Advice From Kindergarteners


Right before my wedding, my kindergarten classroom presented me with a book they made titled “Secrets for a Happy Marriage.” With the help of our classroom assistant, they assembled a collection of purely authentic advice from kindergarteners’ hearts.

Children are so present, they say what is immediately on their minds. Advice from kindergarteners tends to be a beautiful combination of honesty, humor, and effortless profoundness.

These little tidbits are a great reminder to anyone in any stage of a relationship, whether married or single. I share them to help us all ground and remember the reasons love exists in the first place, and the sweet little things we can do for each other daily in our partnerships.

“Give each other lot and lots of hugs and kisses” – Nathan

“Married means you are turning into a princess…and to cook and to sleep and to watch movies together…and smell flowers” – Sawyer

“Be kind to each other! Take lots of walks” – Julie

If they get mad at each other and yell, they should say sorry right away and go on a date. Before bed, they should always say goodnight and kiss. They should always say please and thank you.” – Christina

“Do origami and yoga together!” – Sam

“1. Be nice 2. Share 3. Be mindful 4. Be happy! 5. Be relaxed 6. Be friends” – Lucia

“Have a really big giant hug every day” – Heather

“Buy your husband flowers, you can put the flowers in your husband’s house” – Oscar

“Agree on things, be kind, be healthy, and live in a house that’s not too big and not too small” – Mallory

“He should tell her how beautiful she is everyday. They can be happy everyday” – Natalie

“Always share a snack. Always share a snuggle. Always clean up the city together. Always take the trash outside” – Tim

“Always eat cheese and just play” – John

“Buy a piggy bank and save your money” – Anthony

“Always say please and thank you no matter how long you’ve been together” -Selma

“Go to the beach together” – Emily

“The secret is to love, laugh, and listen to each other” – Lily

“Be nice to one another and give hugs. Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth” -Rachel

“Have a snuggle ever day” – Eliza

One of the best lessons we can learn from children is to keep it simple! Spend lots of face time with the ones you love. Laugh, hug, and kiss a lot. Make memories and indulge in being present.

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Sarah is a born and raised Milwaukee girl. After a short stint in San Diego, where she met her beach bum husband Ben, she is back and rooted in the midwest. It's only taken three-ish decades, but she has learned to embrace and actually enjoy the winters here. Montessori kindergarten teacher by trade, she has recently become a stay at home mom to her delightful daughter, Freya. Two slinky cats get free rent at the house too. Sarah teaches yoga around Milwaukee to a wide variety of clients and you can find her blogging at



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