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It’s hard to spend meaningful time with my husband, and like anyone, I want to connect with my spouse.

I mean, we discuss the dishes, the schedule for the week, the kids, the bills, how our days were, etc. However, we don’t speak about “US.”

On our anniversary this year, I decided something needed to change. We don’t have the time, energy, or resources to have a date night as often as I’d like, so I wanted to start small.

I did some research.

There are some fun ideas out there, like the date night box. Honestly, though, even that felt like a bit too much for us. What could I do that would allow us to truly connect with my spouse for even just a few minutes every day? Maybe before bed when we’ve finally hung up all the responsibilities for the day and can take a minute or two to decompress?

That’s when I found it! The One Question a Day for You & Me: Daily Reflections for Couples: A Three-Year Journal. (Thank you, Amazon!)

The title sounds overwhelming, but a lot of the questions inside the book are shorter than the title. Examples of daily prompts include:

  • Where do you go for answers?
  • Something I need more of in my life is___________
  • What is one thing you like to do for your partner?
  • What is the biggest blessing in your life?

Under each question is a place to write the year and your answer. My spouse and I each write our answers and then share them, which generally leads to a nice, but short discussion about our responses. (PSA: the author has similar books for moms, kids, to help record bits of your life, etc.)

You can start this book at any time.

We began ours on our anniversary in June, more than halfway through the book. Next year on our anniversary, we will start over answering the questions. I’m hoping this will grow the conversation as we will be able to see what we answered the prior year.

I also like to think of this journal as a treasure for our children. They can look through it to see who their parents were on a deeper level and how they changed over three years.

So far, we are almost six months into the journal and have only missed a few nights of answering questions. Most of the time, we look forward to it.

What do you do to connect with your spouse or special someone?

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