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It is common for couples to have engagement, wedding, and family photos taken, but couples rarely take the time for anniversary photoshoots. My husband and I started doing them as a way to celebrate outside of the usual dinner. It is a tradition I try to push onto every couple. It’s an hour we’re forced to focus on each other like we did when we first started dating. Children take up so much of your time and attention. It’s easy to let your romantic relationship with your spouse take a back seat. Couples photoshoots are an adventurous way to spark intimacy for parents.

Parents Don’t Prioritize Their Intimacy.

I got the idea for my own anniversary sessions by being a photographer myself. One of my specialties is family photography. I love to take time during my sessions to get photos of parents alone, without their children. A response I often get when pulling parents aside is discomfort. I get comments on how long it’s been since they focused on just them in a photo. Many have said the last time they had a professional photo of just the two of them was their wedding day. Once the awkwardness wears off, parents relax. I can see the small looks in their eyes returning, if but for a moment, to what life was like when the focus was solely on them.

5 Tips For The Best Anniversary Photoshoot

Navigating how to secure the best experience for an anniversary photoshoot can appear difficult for someone who is not in the photography industry. Here are 5 Tips for booking the best photographer for you and your partner.

1. Search for a “lifestyle” photographer.

    • Lifestyle photography means the photographer focuses on giving you a prompt and shooting through the prompt rather than posing you and then taking an image. These photographers focus more on emotion than the best technical photo.

2. Use Instagram and Facebook

    • Many photographers utilize social media as their main marketing platforms. You will be able to view their most recent work and see reactions from those who engage with them, unlike on a website. Google can be a great tool, but in this case, you will most likely only receive the photographer(s) who have the biggest marketing budget, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best. Use the search function on Instagram and search for things like “Milwaukee Photographer” and “Milwaukee lifestyle photographer.” If you find a photographer you like on Instagram, you can click on the arrow pointing down at the end of their bio, and it will give you similar accounts.

3. Sign up for your favorite photographer’s newsletter

    • Sessions with a seasoned lifestyle photographer can range from $300 – $800 a session. Many photographers will run promos or offer limited mini sessions at a discount offered to newsletter subscribers first. They also may ask for “models” for several reasons. In that case, you could get your session at no cost for allowing the photographer to use your images for a specific project. Be sure to get on those newsletter lists, which can usually be found on photographer’s websites.

4. Brainstorm anniversary photoshoot locations

    • Make the photo session special. The photographer will guide you into situations that evoke emotion, but it can be extra special when the location is just more than a pretty park. See if the kids can stay with the grandparents for a few hours and do an in-home session. If you both like to cook, opt for a session where you make a meal together. Did you meet at a bar? Check with the bar to see if they would allow you to take some photos there (most will). Think about activities and places special to your relationship. You are then able to combine time at that special place with your photoshoot.

5. Plan ahead

    • Photographers can be booked a few months in advance so consider an anniversary photoshoot a mini-vacation. Although most sessions run for about an hour, you can add activities like dinner or a movie before or after your session. Plan it and view it as something to look forward to for a few months. Sometimes just having something to look forward to makes the chaos of the everyday easier.

When childless dinners and scrolling the internet next to each other in bed just aren’t creating the intimacy you could use with your partner, try a couples anniversary photoshoot. It’s a different adventure every time and can be just the thing you need to be reminded of why you ended up with your person in the first place.

*photo by avenue81 photography by Tif Cohen


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