Safe At Home Has Strengthened Our Relationship


When the Safe At Home orders first came out, I was scared, nervous, anxious (like most people were).

Besides dealing with the day to day new normal, I knew that our family relationships would be tested. There were so many jokes and memes floating around about divorce after quarantine that I became legitimately nervous. Not that I ever thought that quarantine would ACTUALLY lead to divorce, but like I said, my anxiety was high, so my brain was not thinking clearly.

I love my husband very much. Like all relationships, we have our small squabbles and issues. I was afraid that the minor day-to-day annoyances would build up. (Chew with your mouth closed!) I told my husband my worries, and saying it out loud helped a lot. We both knew that anger, sadness, and anxiety would ruin our days at times. We promised that we would not intentionally ruin each other’s days.

Oh, man! Did things change! I was pleasantly surprised that things changed for the better. Our sex life has become amazing! Not that our sex life was bad before, but like all couples, we had our issues. With kids, jobs, after school activities, and just life in general, things were definitely in a rut. I felt like we were scheduling sex, which wasn’t my favorite way of doing it (pun intended).

Having each other around all day has made each of us actually see our daily struggles. Not just what we would complain about when we finally got home. For once, we are not exhausted 24/7. There aren’t a million things to do every weekend and we’re not at the office all day. There’s no running errands all weekend or shuttling the kids around. We are able to slow down and have actual, real conversations.

Obviously, there are still kids around, and we are working/schooling from home. Everything is not perfect every day. It’s not like we lay in bed and have sex all day–we’re not in our 20s anymore! But, when we consciously have more time for each other, everything else falls into place.

I know that this time spent safe at home is both stressful and helping our family at the same time. Our bonds are strengthening in new ways and I can only hope we can continue on that same path. If not for our mental health, at least for the great sex! (haha!)


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