Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad


Dads love getting gifts for Valentine’s Day. I know this because I’m a dad myself, and I’m always happy to get a gift from my wife and kids. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for your dad or your kids’ dad, here are a bunch of ideas to inspire you this Valentine’s Day. Some of these can be from you, and some can be from you and the kids.

Chocolate. Aside from a couple of dudes with allergy issues, I don’t know a man alive who wouldn’t appreciate getting chocolate on Valentine’s Day. If it’s in a shiny heart-shaped box with a pretty bow on it, who cares? Is there chocolate inside? That’s all I need to know.

Accessories, not clothes. Buying clothes outside your gender can be tough because the sizes are so different. Is Dad a large or an extra-large? That can depend on the brand. What’s his waist measurement? That can depend on the time of year. This is why accessories are better–sizes aren’t much of a factor. Does he have to wear a tie to work? Kohl’s has about a billion ties to choose from, so take the kids and have them pick one out (with some guidance, of course). He’ll be proud to wear it to work and tell everyone his kids or grandkids gave it to him for Valentine’s Day. Is he into novelty socks? Kids love picking out socks filled with images of flying pigs and tacosauruses. If ties and socks don’t do anything for him, how about a hat? Most men wear hats, and most hats fit most heads. The Brewers have a new logo, ya know. Does the dad in your life have an updated Brewers cap or winter knit hat yet?

An experience. Take your man on a date, for crying out loud. Or spend some quality time with your dad. Don’t forget, Milwaukee Mom has a guide of 200+ Milwaukee Date Ideas that we update regularly. Take him for a Valentine’s Day round of mini golf at Nine Below, which has a full bar. Take him to a show at ComedySportz (I’m a little biased here), which also has a full bar. Or try an escape room at Breakout. My wife and I did an escape room recently, and we had a ton of fun—it was also a great reminder of how well we can work together when we’re under pressure. On a budget? Want to bring the kids along so that it’s a gift from all of you? Marcus movie theaters have $5 Tuesdays.

Dinner. Make him his favorite dinner or take him to his favorite restaurant. Boom. Done. Just beware that Valentine’s Day lands on a Friday this year, so restaurants will be packed that night and Saturday night. Maybe put it off until the Monday or Tuesday after Valentine’s Day.

Music. Live concerts aren’t cheap, but CDs and records can be. That’s right—CDs and records still exist. Instead of getting your music via Wi-Fi, take Dad to an actual record store on Valentine’s Day, like The Exclusive Company. Take the kids too, and let them explore the place while Dad wanders around and picks out an album or two. Make an afternoon of it by going out for a treat afterward. I’m just saying, the Greenfield Exclusive Company is close to Kopp’s, and the east-side Exclusive Company is down the street from Yo Factory. Some people like things, and some people like experiences—this covers both.

Do you have more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for dad? Drop them in the comments.


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