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Our inaugural Milwaukee Mom Flight event series has come to an end and the finale was everything we hoped it would be thanks to an evening at Milwaukee’s only crowd-sourced brewery, MobCraft Beer! This event series is all about getting together for a fun night out at some of the amazing breweries we now have in the Milwaukee area. MobCraft Beer is very unique in that it is about putting the power of beer into the hands of the people. They produce small batch “custom craft beers” based on user submitted recipes that everyone can vote on and purchase. MobCraft will produce the beer with the most orders, which can be picked up at the brewery or ship out a 4 pack of 22oz “bomber” bottles directly to your doorstep through an online retailer!

Let’s do a quick recap on the Milwaukee Mom Flight series to anyone stopping by for the first time. We kicked things off at Brenner Brewing Company in May for a night of beer and art. Next, we helped launch the new tap room at Enlightened Brewing Company with some delectable taps and hilarious comedy from Milwaukee Comedy. And then we celebrated our 1st birthday with the launch of the new Third Space Brewing tap room.   

Read on for all the fun photos and event details of the grande finale at MobCraft Beer!

Beer and Trivia at MobCraft Beer

MobCraft Beer

We have been continuously floored by both the plethora of delicious beer available in our city. In addition to creating beers by popular demand, MobCraft’s taproom has a lineup you will not find in any other place in Milwaukee. SO many taps. For this evening, we were able to sample four beers that were perfect for the season and went down easy. If you ever find yourself in Walker’s Point or in search of the ultimate beer tasting experience, MobCraft is your spot. The sheer breadth of delicious beer is beyond impressive. There IS a beer for everyone.

Secondly, the people. It’s probably not surprising that the coolest people in the world open breweries. MobCraft, like the breweries that we enjoyed before the finale, is a place we want to go back. Regularly. The atmosphere of the space is both industrial and homey, and the staff treats you like old friends.

Thank you MobCraft for opening your doors wide to some of Milwaukee’s finest parents. 

A Date Night Favorite :: Trivia Presented by Milwaukee Comedy

This event, though the final in our series, was our first date night of the bunch. We wanted to create a space for couples and friends to mingle and hang out, and what better way to do that then with some friendly competition? Guests enjoyed some beer and Milwaukee themed trivia, presented by the one and only Matt Kemple of Milwaukee Comedy. Did you know Schlitz was the beer that made Milwaukee famous? Or that the Pfister is thought to be haunted? I think we all gained an appreciation for our great city and Matt’s anecdotes thrown in took us to the next level of entertainment (Did he REALLY drink the scorpion shot at Bad Genie??) Thanks to Matt from Milwaukee Comedy for coming out to make our trivia fun! And thank you to our MKE Mom’s Blog Events Team for helping develop some awesome trivia questions. 

The Local Shops :: Milwaukee Home, James Steeno Gallery, Orchard Street Apparel and Milwaukee Candle Company

Here at MkeMB, it is truly a joy to get to feature local small businesses we LOVE and give them the opportunity to share their amazing products with our readers. The Beer and Trivia event gave us another opportunity to showcase a few of our faves. Four pop-up shops joined us to showcase and sell their awesome products just in time for the holidays! Between the sultry scents of homemade candles, the maps of Milwaukee neighborhoods, the trendy beanies, and the perfect mommy & me knits, there was something for everyone! 

James Steeno Gallery

James Steeno Gallery – It was an absolute delight to welcome James Steeno to this event to share his iconic Milwaukee artwork. James is an independent artist/illustrator and creative entrepreneur here in Milwaukee as well as a beginning Ukulele player, enthusiastic explorer, and backer of the Packers. It was fun to chat with him and peruse his original prints and maps highlight so many of the fantastic elements and places around Wisconsin (and beyond!) These prints would make perfect holiday gifts for someone on your shopping list! 

Orchard Street Apparel — From the beginning of planning this event, we couldn’t even imagine a better fit for the date night than this local apparel company ran by a husband and wife AND originated right in the heart of Walker’s point. Orchard Street Apparel provides eco-friendly screen-printing on ethically-produced garments. Many of the designs found in the Orchard Street Apparel shop reflect an admiration for our Midwestern home on a Great Lake. Their adorable toddler tees and hoodies were something I heard the mamas gushing about. Check out their Facebook page for new designs and places to shop for their awesome apparel. 

milwaukee candle company

Milwaukee Candle Company — If only you could smell through your computer screen! As you walked toward the east side of the taproom, you were quickly overcome by the appealing aromas of Milwaukee Candle Co. Not only are these candles locally made with safe products, they are made with intention, with scent combinations created to remind Milwaukeeans of some of the best parts of the city, like cream city bricks, Lake Park, and Jazz in the Park. Think “Brewery Tour” and “Bradford Beach,” just to name a couple. These candles are the perfect gift for every season. 

milwaukee home

Milwaukee Home – The simple, clean, and modern design of Milwaukee Home represents our city so well. It was awesome to have them come out for this event and share their cool apparel with the crowd. Aside from the staple Milwaukee Home shirt that every true Milwaukeean must own, they also sell trendy beanies, baby onesies, hats and bar glasses. We just love their stuff and highly recommend popping by their store in the Third Ward to outfit the whole family. 

Food, Swag and Giveaway Sponsors

Since beer should not be consumed without the accompaniment of a delicious foods, we would like to thank not one, not two, not three but FOUR amazing business for coming out to provide a diverse spread of eats for the evening. First, an enormous thank you to Meat on the Street Food Truck for pulling up next to MobCraft and for providing the tastiest meat in Milwaukee to our guests. Over the past couple of weeks, my husband and I both have said “remember that pork and rice bowl from Meat on the Street? That would be so good right now.” Now it is our turn to stalk your truck around the city for some beef skewers!  

Meat on the Street

Second, we were completely giddy to have Dan-O’s Donuts join us and share fresh, hot, made-outside-all-night-long donuts! I had to stop counting how many I was eating because I could not stop. They were SO good and the perfect compliment to a frosty ale. Rumor has it Dan-O’s Donuts will be making more appearances at MobCraft in the coming weeks, so be sure to check out his Facebook page to stay updated on his location. You DO NOT want to miss these donuts, trust us! 

Thirdly, we want to thank Sassy Cow Creamery for coming out to this event to provide scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and salted caramel (swoon!) ice cream to all guests. While some attendees ate the ice cream au natural, others poured some MobCraft beer over the top and created a memorable beer float, a.k.a. heaven in a cup. Wisconsin is the dairyland after all, and Sassy Cow is one of the finest creameries out there. It was great to have Sassy Cow at this event and try their delectable ice cream for ourselves. Highly recommend!

Sassy Cow Creamery

Finally, we want to thank Bon Bree Brick Cheese for providing a sampler platter of cheese for this event! Whether it was the classic, dill, or chive, their flavors were fantastic. We don’t shy away from dairy products here at MKE Moms Blog, so clearly it was a joy to pair a true Wisconsin staple food (cheese) with a true Wisconsin beverage (beer.) 

Bon Bree Cheese

Between swag and giveaways, a lot of wonderful businesses participated in this event! Huge thank you to all of the following sponsors who helped our moms to unwind and enjoy a fabulous evening!

With Winter newly upon us (kind of?) we encourage you look back over our Milwaukee Mom Flight series and scope out the local brewery scene instead of being holed up all in despair all winter long. That’s our plan at least! We are definitely lucky to live in a city with a thriving beer scene, which makes for a fun outing even if the kids are tagging along!  We want to extend our sincere thanks to all who came out to make this event – and ALL the events in the series – a fantastic success. 

A HUGE thank you is due to LuluB Photography for capturing all of the shenanigans of this event! 

We look forward to seeing lots of Milwaukee moms (and dads!) at more MKE Moms Blog events in the future!

We’ve got plenty more photos from the event to show off!  Find ’em (and tag your friends) HERE in the Facebook page!


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