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What would be more perfect for our third stop in the Milwaukee Mom Flight event series than an evening at Milwaukee’s newest brewery, Third Space Brewing? Our Milwaukee Mom Flight event series is all about getting moms together for a fun night out that introduces them to some of these new breweries popping up on the scene. Third Space Brewing is about finding a comfortable, known space in the brewing scene, a place for family and friends, not your work, not your home, but your “third space.”  We are hopeful that many mamas will name this their “third space” after such an amazing evening together at their new taproom. 

Let’s do a quick recap on the Milwaukee Mom Flight series to anyone stopping by for the first time. We kicked things off at Brenner Brewing Company in May for a night of beer and art. Next, we helped launch the new tap room at Enlightened Brewing Company in July with some delectable taps and hilarious comedy from Milwaukee Comedy. Similar to Enlightened, Milwaukee Moms got to enjoy Third Space’s tap room before the public, with our night of “Beer and Chill” last week. Keep reading for exclusive photos of the new space and coverage of a night!

Third Stop :: Beer and Chill at Third Space Brewing 

Third Space Brewing

We love to take the opportunity to really showcase the personality of each brewery on our Flight Events. Third Space’s tagline, as we alluded to above, is having a “third space” where the first space is home and the second space is work. Some science has shown how important it is for people to go to this “third space” to enjoy other’s company and conversation. It’s no surprise that we gelled so well with this concept because that is what we at MKE Moms Blog are ALL about. Third Space Brewing was the perfect spot for a laid back night of rejuvenating interactions and libations for Milwaukee mommies. 

We got to sample four of new Third Space brews and the beer is really phenomenal. My personal favorite was the Upward Spiral IPA. I also brought home a growler of the Acres Edge Toasted Oatmeal Stout for my husband (because daddy needs beer too!) and he will not stop talking about the smokey undertones and satisfying flavor.  On top of that, the ambiance of the taproom is welcoming and calming, especially in the evening. 

Setting a “Chill” Atmosphere :: Music by Ash

Ash MusicWhen you’re looking for a night of relaxation, not much goes better with a comforting beer than the perfect musical performance. Thank you to Ash, an up-and-coming Milwaukee area artist, for performing two sets of folky and sophisticated tunes. Her acoustic style was a perfect complement to the evening and helped create a mellow environment for all mamas.

We are thrilled to play a small part in introducing Ash to the Milwaukee music scene. Many of us are stuck listening to the Paw Patrol theme song or soundtracks to Disney movies most of the time and Ash brings a mellow sound that pair perfectly with a glass of wine (or beer!) and a quiet dinner, enjoying grown-up food. Or a bubble bath. Or just 20 minutes of quiet in general. All that to say, she has a beautiful voice and we would love to start hearing her through our iPhone earbuds like, yesterday. Check her out on Facebook to learn more and to grab her CD!

Ash Music   

Catering in Relaxation :: AVOCA Massage

AVOCA Massage

Remember that one time you asked your husband for a shoulder massage before bed and it was…well…mediocre, at best? Enter Kathreen from AVOCA Massage. Kathreen came out to Third Space with one agenda: help mamas get some weight off their shoulders, literally! A five-minute chair massage never felt SO good. When you’re in the trenches of parenting all day long, a brief massage can make you feel like a brand new person. Thank you, AVOCA!   


The Local Shops :: Little Gypsy Finery, Lizzibeth, and Milwaukee Candle Company

Here at MkeMB, it is truly a joy to get to feature local small businesses we LOVE and give them the opportunity to share their amazing products with our readers. The Beer and Chill event gave us another opportunity to showcase a few of our faves. Three pop-up shops joined us and the shopping area was always busy! Between the sultry scents of homemade candles, the gorgeous S’well bottles and jewelry and the perfectly sassy styles of a local Milwaukee-made kids boutique, there was something for everyone! 


Lizzibeth — One of our favorite boutiques in the Third Ward, Lizzibeth has everything from cozy sweaters to tops with sequins for a night out. S’well bottles, Wisconsin earrings, bags, necklaces, dresses, and on and on and on. Honestly, we love Lizzi so much we even held an event right in her boutique once! Check out her Celebritee project to see how she spotlights local female business women while also creating fabulous shirts to represent Milwaukee. The current Celebritee was flying off her table this evening! 

Little Gypsy Finery

Little Gypsy Finery — Self-proclaimed as “handmade clothing for magical children,” Little Gypsy is the place to go for the mom who wants her kids looking FIERCE. After Instagram-crushing on them for a year now, we knew we had to bring them to our events and they have been a hit both times! This mom-owned company produces sassy, super hip clothing for children. And it’s all so darn soft and comfy. Our moms love for the graphic tees, skirts and leggings in adorable prints. I mean, you HAVE to visit this website if you did not make it out to the event! 

Milwaukee Candle Company

Milwaukee Candle Company — We wish the Internet allowed for smell-o-vision, because there is no way to truly convey how amazing this corner of the room smelled thanks to these Milwaukee Candle Co. candles. Not only are these candles locally made, they are made with intention, with scent combinations created to remind Milwaukeeans of some of the best parts of the city (how cool is that?!). Think “Brewery Tour” and “Bradford Beach,” just to name a couple. Perfect for gifts or to grab for yourself to fill your home with the most decadent candles you have every experienced. 

Food, Swag and Giveaway Sponsors

Since beer should not be consumed without the accompaniment of a delicious foods, we would like to thank the Gouda Girls Food Truck for setting up an indoor macaroni and cheese bar complete with ALL the fixins’ for this event. I honestly wanted a second bowl but withheld and am regretting it. I’m STILL thinking about that Mac & Cheese and can’t wait for another opportunity to patron the Gouda Girls Food Truck. The chipotle mac with andouille sausage with bacon on top? DYING. These girls are famous around Milwaukee and for good freaking reason. Between the creamy mac and their smiling faces, we are now Gouda Girls Groupies for life. 

The Gouda Girls

It was also our 1st Birthday, so you know we gotta celebrate! We had a gorgeous birthday cake provided by Linnea from Sweet Smorgasbord. When a cake tastes just as good as it looks, we take note. This beaut not only reflected the style of MKE Moms Blog but was decadently delicious. We were so spoiled! If you are looking for a custom cake for any upcoming occasion, you’ve gotta contact Linnea. Tell her we sent ya!

Sweet Smorgasbord

Finally, we want to thanks Jason’s Deli for providing fruit and veggie trays for the night. It was nice to pair our comforting eats with some healthy options too! They offer amazing platters perfect for events, parties, meetings and more right out of their location in the Brookfield Square Mall. Jason’s Deli party platters are perfect for so many occasions. Check ’em out for lunch too! Moms will love the kid-friendly, healthy options on their menu. 

Jason's Deli

Between swag and giveaways, a lot of wonderful businesses participated in this event! Huge thank you to all of the following sponsors who helped our moms to unwind and enjoy a fabulous evening!

This event was magical. We had to peel ourselves out of the brewery because we did not want it to end. But GOOD NEWS! We’ve got one more! One last flight, one more night of conversation with new and old friends, more more chance for fun…but this time..bring a DATE! Bring your main squeeze, your bestie, your neighbor, whoever! Just bring a date because you’ll want a teammate for our Beer and Trivia night at MobCraft Beer

We hope you will join us on the final stop on our Milwaukee Mom Flight on November 16th for an awesome night of beer and trivia at MobCraft BeerFollow along on the Facebook Event Page to stay in-the-know about all the details. We want to end this series with a BANG, so get your sitter now for a night away from the kiddos!

As always, we couldn’t do events like this without the hard work and support of our MkeMB team. Getting to know each of you at our events is one of the best parts of the events! A huge thank you to those who volunteered their time and energy to work together to make this event awesome. So grateful for these women and their commitment to creating opportunities to build community for the moms of Milwaukee. 

A HUGE thank you is due to Melissa Morgan Photography for capturing all of the shenanigans of this event! She is amazing!

We look forward to seeing lots of Milwaukee moms at more MKE Moms Blog events in the future!



We’ve got plenty more photos from the event to show off, including lot of you lovely ladies in front of the step & repeat banner! Find ’em (and tag your friends) HERE in the Facebook page!


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