10 Reasons Moms Need Group Texts


Why Moms Need Group Texts

About a year ago, a close friend moved across the country. She’s been home a few times since she moved but even with that, we don’t see each other any more than we did when she lived in here. I’ve known this friend for almost all of my adult life and we’ve been through dating, breakups, marriages, surgery, step-parenting, higher education, parenting, cancer and cross country moves.

When we get into a room together, it’s like we just saw each other last week. On one of her last visits home, our group of ladies were together for a much needed night out. Shortly after, we started a group text. It’s been epic and has brought us even closer together. We’re dealing with parenting, higher education (one of us taking class, one of us teaching classes), job loss and allthethings so a  “Is 10am too early to have a drink?” text is not unusual.

I recently started a similar thread with a few of my daughter’s friends’ moms. Our daughters are on their fourth year of school together and we’ve finally made the time to get together. The post happy hour thread has been awesome. I have snorted out loud with laughter in mixed company and have had to excuse myself to the bathroom to get a hold of myself. It’s awesome.

Here are 10 reasons why we all need group text threads with our friends. 

  1. We have difficult schedules to manage and don’t live in the same state.
  2. We need the outlet of taking the night off to “meet at the bar” — even if “the bar” is on our respective couches in our homes and the conversation is group text.
  3. We need a way to keep in touch privately, in a safe environment.
  4. We need a way to vent our frustrations that doesn’t lead to a comment thread with at least one meme involving popcorn and one passive-aggressive “just sayin’.” 
  5. We need a way to celebrate our victories among people who genuinely want to cheer us on.
  6. We need to tell someone that our kid pooped in the pool. Again. Photos optional.
  7. We need the support that we’re not going crazy and that sometimes curse words are, in fact, the appropriate word choice. 
  8. We need to send un-showered wine selfies without judgment. 
  9. We need to send Bitmojis at all hours of the day and night, sometimes in a blatant attempt to wake everyone else up just so they can check out the digital version of you waving hello or fuming with anger.
  10. Gifs. All the gifs. The addition of that keyboard to the latest IOS update was group text GOLD, I tell you.

If you don’t have a non-stop group text going with your girlfriends right now, may I highly recommend you get on that? 



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