A Letter to my Black Son


To my Black Son,

The world is not how I would wish it would be to raise you in. There are so many obstacles that you have yet to face. Obstacles that you should not have to fear, but because of the world we live in, I fear them for you.

I want to tell you the world will accept you for the beautiful soul you are. I want to tell you that you can go anywhere and be anything without any apprehension. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

The world is full of evil, son.

Some people will look at you and feel anxiety and fear just because of your skin color. They will lock their car doors when you get near. They will clutch their purse closer as you walk past. I get goosebumps at just the thought of you walking home from the corner store, or going for a jog, and you possibly not coming back home to me, simply because you, my son, are black.

They won’t see the intelligent, joyful human you are. They won’t smile from looking at your big, contagious grin. You won’t get to make everyone laugh at your jokes. It won’t matter to them that you are a math whiz or a super reader. Unfortunately, to them, none of that will matter.

But what I can tell you is that no matter what, you will always have me.

I will use my white privilege to speak for you. I will be your greatest ally. I will speak up for injustice. I will educate myself so that I can learn more and more about race! I know your sisters will face challenges in life as well. You will always have me in your corner. And it is my duty to be the voice for my black son and daughters. I am your mom, and I will do my best to protect you!

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Lisa was born and raised in Milwaukee. She and her husband now raise their three children (15, 13 & 3) there, too. Lisa works with children and families in a daycare center at a local college. When Lisa isn't surrounded with children (which isn't often), she likes to read and attempt yoga. Lisa lives off of coffee, Pepsi and tacos. She is a self proclaimed introvert, but around the right people, she can't stop talking.


  1. This is beautiful. And so is your family. I hope and pray that things will change, that all that is happening will bring about some change. No mother should have to fear for their children.


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