Here’s to the Bare Minimum Moms


Bare Minimum Mom

Here’s to the Bare Minimum Moms.

You know who we are. We are the ones who wake up every morning a beat behind everyone else. We don’t engage in any sort of “mommy wars” because we don’t even bother to compete. Instead of craft projects and fitness ideas on our Pinterest boards, you find nothing but life hacks and workouts you can do in a chair.

Most days, we sink into our beds with the satisfaction that everyone is simply alive and breathing. When we rise again the next day, we only care about the essentials like “Are they dressed? Do their shoes match? Did they eat something? Anything? Does their homework folder look like we at least opened it?”

We drive our kids to school barefaced and wet-haired. A hot mug of coffee at a table is a rarity for us so we usually know what brand of spill-proof travel cups are worth the money. We sometimes fantasize about winning the Academy Award in makeup art after years of putting our faces on in a 4-inch car mirror. Our families know to respond to our panic-texts the night before school fundraising orders are due, selling just enough for our kids to bring home rubber duckies.

We make it to almost every concert, parent/teacher conference, and recital and only just a few minutes late. Cleaning the house means wiping down surfaces before moving the piles of stuff back onto them. We make going to the library a treat for good behavior to keep expectations nice and low. If it’s date night, we might wear eyeliner and perfume if we can find it.

I like to think that we Bare Minimum Moms are the best-kept secret of the parenting world.

We often go unnoticed, flying under the radar until occasionally, someone takes notice of our accidental parenting wins. Like, how my kids don’t get much screen time simply because we never know where the iPad is. Or, how our “cool urban parenting” is really just us spending time all over the city instead of our tiny, two-bedroom, cabin-fever-inducing duplex. 

Today, I raise my lukewarm tea I forgot I made 30 minutes ago to all of the Bare Minimum Moms of the world.


My-kids’-socks-never-match mom.

And the:

Make-them-bathe-when-you-can-smell-them mom.


Snack-day-is-a-bag-of-pretzels-and-a-juice-box mom

And the:

We-eat-the-same-five-dinners-every-weeknight mom.

And let us not forget the:

Hasn’t-worn-matching-undergarments-since-her-honeymoon mom.

You might feel as if you are barely getting by but to everyone else, you are enough and so much more. 


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Mariana is a Milwaukee transplant who feels truly at home for the first time in her life. With over a decade of professional experience in college admissions, Mariana now works in multicultural recruitment for a local university. She has a deep passion for empowering underrepresented communities to pursue education and fulfilling careers. When she's not pulling out toy dinosaurs from her bag at staff meetings, you can find her on the couch, Netflix n chillin' her with her two kids, Gabriela and Oscar, and her partner, Eric.


  1. Just when I needed to read something like this … it is 8pm and only now can I enjoy a warm cup of coffee (bc they’re asleep!) 😘


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