The Diva Cup Chronicles


Unless you have only just joined the realms of the Internet this past week, you’ve probably heard of the Diva Cup by now. It’s a replacement for your average tampon or pad during your period.

The Diva Cup is special because it’s reusable, good for the environment, great for your down-under because you’re not inserting chemical-filled tampons, and above all, can last up to 12 hours before you empty it out. You insert your Diva Cup into your vagina, and *poof* like magic, it catches all the blood and you’re free to go about your normal life with no one the wiser.

This past month I’ve had many conversations with my friends about it. A few of them tried to convince me this is the way to go. Intrigued by the concept, I decided to get one and try it out. I have such a heavy flow that I can go through a super tampon every 2 hours during my heaviest days. Anything that will save my underwear and sanity is worth a shot. So I went to the store and purchased a Size 2 Diva Cup because apparently the Size 1 is only for those who have not birthed or for those with young, nublie lady parts. Since I certainly did not fit either of those descriptions, I opted for the former. 

Once I got it home, things went a bit off the rails. What follows are the actual messages sent between myself and a friend who, though they shall remain anonymous, I truly hope knows we are now bound for life by blood. (See what I did there?) 

Menstrual Cup

The Diva Cup Chronicles

FriendI have a serious question. Is the Diva Cup diswasher safe? #askingforafriend

MeDid you get one??!! 

FriendI almost did, but then got offended by the sizing. 

Me: I got one! I got the old and stretched out kind. This is BIG. This is supposed to fit WHERE?

Friend: LOL

Me: No joke. I’m on the toilet try to rotate this thing 360 like the directions say to.

Friend: Maybe you got the wrong size?

Me: I got the old and stretched out vagina size. I’m starting to feel good about my vagina. Perhaps it’s younger than it looks.

Friend: OMG. HAHA.

Me: It’s in! I got it! I’m doing squats to ensure it doesn’t fall out. This is comfy. Definitely more comfy than a tampon. I keep doing Kegels to try to feel it. 

**20 minutes later**

Friend: Has it fallen out? Can you feel it? I’m tempted to get one now.

Me: Well, it hasn’t fallen out yet. I don’t feel it. We’ll see how it goes when I empty it out. My worst days are over, which may be a good thing because I have my nice jeans on today and don’t need to look like I butchered an animal. It’s THICK. I guess I imagined a thinner thing going up there, but it’s thick. Seriously amazed it fit in there.

Friend: Is it big??

Me: Wider than anyone I’ve ever been with. 

Friend: OMG, haha. How did you fit it in? Did you fold it?

Me: Yes, you fold it in and shove it up there. But it doesn’t rub like a tampon.

**2 hours later**

Me: OMG. It’s lost. The cup is lost in my vagina. I went to pee and check on it, and I can’t feel the tip. I’m sitting on the toilet right now trying to find it. I’m half crying and half laughing. THE CUP IS LOST IN MY VAGINA. I mean, what do I do? WHAT DO I DO?

Friend: Grab the kitchen tongs! Are you sure you put it in? Are you sure you didn’t take it out? Cuz I’ve definitely felt around looking for a tampon only to remember I took it out.

Me: Good Lord. I have never in my life gotten something stuck in my vagina and simultaneously messaged someone while looking for it.

Friend: Check your pants. Check the toilet.

Me: I found it. I also gave myself a pap doing it. I washed it and put it back in. It’s much easier the second time around. Guess my vagina is more stretched out than I thought it was. Sad.

All in all, I like this cup. It’s much easier than a tampon when you get the hang of it. I’m still not sure what to do in public, but I’m reminded that it can stay in place for 12 hours. If I empty it before I leave the house, I should be fine. I’m not looking forward to my period, but I am curious how it will hold up to my heaviest days.

Has anyone else tried the Diva Cup? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. I Started using a diva cup about a year ago and I love it! I sometimes forgetI’m even on my period now because I don’t have to worry about changing it several times a day. It definitely takes a little getting used to inserting it. As for as it getting lost, the hard part is trying to relax while you’re freaking out that it’s lost, but if you relax and slightly bear down a little it can almost always be easily removed again.

  2. Everything about that time of the month is disgusting. The diva cup is no exception. Nonetheless, I love it. The public restroom is scary because i went number two and I felt it was going to be pushed out. I mean i pushed out a 9.5 lbs baby so i knew i could do it but didn’t want to. Needles to say, it did not come out. I did put my hand to catch it just in case. It was expensive and i don’t want to have to buy it again. My favorite place to dump and rinse is when i’m in the shower making sure debri does not get stuck on the floor mat. On my heavy day I dump and rinse every 6 hours and i just have to remind myself to do it in the tub instead of the sink where for some reason i think it is less gross. That has been my experience so far. Thanks for the article. Happy to see more talk about it because it is the best way to deal with that time of the month in my opinion.

  3. Haha! I think everyone that tries it has all those same thoughts or worse, but not everyone is as lucky to have a friend to share the moment with. I’ve had one for about 6 years or more and will never go back. It was a little scary/gross to figure out how it works, but hands come washable and it’s not a bad idea to get familiar with the region anyway. It’s so nice to “set it and forget it” for long stretches. In a way, it feels liberating to not have to worry about heavy flow or running out to change a product or not stuffing enough pads in your suitcase for a weekend away. It’s also nice to never have to run to the store for more tampons! And though it costs more upfront, it pays for itself many times over when you figure out how many boxes of other products you’ll never buy again. I’ve used cleansing wipes in public restrooms when I need to empty it on the go. After several months, it might get discolored but it still works fine!
    Try it! Save some $$ and feel better about your period! And don’t give up if you don’t get it in right the first time. You’ll figure out what works for you and will quickly and confidently be able to do it soon.

  4. Keep at it! I had leaks and issues for my first few periods but now I can’t imagine life without it. My heaviest flow day saw me changing my super tampon every 30-40 min (those little devils don’t absorb anything, they just get coated on the outside) and now with my menstrual cup (I use the Lena cup), I empty it ever 3-4 hours at most. I can go swimming on my heaviest day with no problem. I only regret not trying a cup earlier in adulthood.

  5. I love mine too! I have 1 very bad day per month. If I’m going to be out of the house all day on that day (at work), then I use tampons that day. I refuse to even try emptying it in public. If my 1 very bad day is on a day I don’t work, then I still use it. I actually got the hang of mine fairly quickly. By the end of my first period with it, I was a pro! 🙂

    • I change an ultra tampon about every hour for a day and a half every month. Are these cups supposed to help with this over time? What’s the best brand?

  6. I used one for the first time this month. It was great! If you’ve ever used a diaphragm as contraception, its the same concept. I did discover that I can NOT go 12 hours on my heaviest day, but no leaks otherwise. And so much less nasty trash, which is great if you have dogs or small children who are fascinated with the presence of blood in the trash…

  7. Lol, I just bought one and tried it out last night. I’m having trouble inserting in properly. I WAS able to insert it and wear it overnight. Getting it out well that was another story. I thought OMG! Its gone my vagine swallowed it and its GONE! I was wrestling with it and my husband showed up and asked “if he could help?” No, no I think I’ve got this..

  8. I’m considering trying this out. Extremely heavy day 1-2 day 3 usually spotting day 4-6 regular. But when my period is wrapping up am I going to be able to tell I won’t need it anymore? I have questions and you ladies seem to have the real answers lol


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