I Don’t Watch the Game on Football Sunday


Wisconsin is known for a few things: beer, cheese and, most importantly, sports! A lot of my friends, family, and the biggest fan of all (my husband) look forward to watching football on Sunday. While I would love to relax on the couch and tune into the game, there are a million other things I have to get done! As a working mom, I live for the weekends and cherish every last minute of it. We do all our fun family activities and attend various events on Friday or Saturday, and I pretty much put off anything I need to get done around the house until Sunday.

Sundays are typically dedicated to getting ready for the week ahead and catching up on things I didn’t have time to do during the week.

Instead of watching the game, I am able to get a couple loads of laundry done, wash all the fruits and vegetables, and start meal prepping. I actually don’t mind these tedious tasks because my son is usually napping when the game is on and my husband is glued to the TV. I can focus on what I need to do and not be interrupted. Sometimes, depending on what’s on my to-do list, I can sneak in a workout or run a quick errand alone while the game is on and my son is sleeping. Having time to myself is so important to me and helps maintain my sanity.

I sometimes feel bad about not spending time with my husband and watching the game with him, but as a working mom, this time is too precious for me to give up. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are Sundays where I will fold the laundry and catch bits and pieces of the game, or run into the room if something really exciting or unexpected happens. I’ve tried to sit down and watch the game before, but honestly it goes one of two ways: I am thinking about all the things on my list I need to do before the day is over, or my toddler is up, and I am spending my time chasing him around miss parts of the game anyway. If I don’t get things done during naptime, then they either don’t get done at all, or I have to wait until my son goes to bed…which pushes my bed time back. Mama likes her sleep.

I made the personal decision to give up watching football on Sunday to allow myself more time to spend with my boy…and I am more than okay with that.


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