Tales from Quarantine : Real Stories of Real Parents During Social Distancing


There are ALL. THE. RESOURCES. The color-coded schedules, printables, meal planning calendars, craft hacks, and ALL THE THINGS. It’s a lot to navigate in a time that feels so overwhelming. Our team of parents is in the thick of it right along with you and we are here to share with you our Tales of Quarantine so we can cheer one another on and maybe even complain a little bit.

Parent Tales from Quarantine

Jess S

High: “My 10-year-old is shocking me with her productivity and the level of responsibility she’s shown. She’s honestly getting more done than I am.”

Low: “My six-year-old has gotten so bored he’s started hoarding food. Cheetos in bed (I don’t even buy Cheetos and have no idea where they came from). Raw, whole eggs in his pockets. Spaghetti in a drawer “for later.”

What’s Saving Your Life Right Now? “Coffee, memes, Marco Polo, and Schitt’s Creek”

Shel D

High: “As it is me, my college age kid, & my “out in the working world” husband, it is still quiet. However, my college age daughter has been decluttering our home. One space each day. It rocks. My personal highlight came when I visited a nursing home through glass with my therapy dog. They set the seniors 6′ apart in the dining room windows which are floor to ceiling. I took Rex to the patio outside the windows & we walk from person to person. He would put his nose to the glass or lay down ‘by their feet’ outside. Each one looked so sad when we walked up & the surprise & then the joy of something different in their day showed on their face. They have been in lock down since March 13 with no visitors. We are going back again next week.”

Low: “Postponing my second daughter’s wedding is sad. She is handling it well, though. Plus, I have lung disease & am immuno-compromised. Taking my temperature every morning & night, worrying about every cough, having to put my medication list/health history together & getting everything in order, just in case…that sucks.”

What’s Saving Your Life Right Now? “I am working remotely with my response group on a pandemic mission providing health care for indigent & homeless folks. Too busy to get low.”

Natasha L

High: “The high during social distancing has been the increase of family time. I have been working from home and my husband has the flexibility to do so now more than ever. This has kept us sane during all of this.”

Low: “One of the lows has been trying to make sure we have all we need and not being able to find items at the store. This was a major frustration for us, especially having a 16-month-old son during a time where the world is freaking out. This was a little scary at first as we don’t know how long this will last! Also, being afraid to go out in public just adds to my anxiety!”

What’s Saving Your Life Right Now? “Practicing mindfulness like meditation and staying busy while indoors is helping! I am a work from home mom so I keep at this as well as my hobbies of reading and writing! Interacting with our son daily and seeing his smile honestly helps.”

Mandy R

High: “It’s been really nice to not have to rush in the morning and to overall live a more relaxed lifestyle. I’ve been able to do more baking and reading which are things I don’t normally have time for. We’ve spent some really good quality time as a family.”

Low: “I’ve been unable to find a healthy work/life balance. I have actually worked more hours after bringing my work home and this means less time for my family who needs me more. My son has made a comment about how I’m always working but I don’t feel like I have help with my work.”

What’s Saving Your Life Right Now? “Besides Malibu and Diet Coke? I’ve found a new hobby in Diamond Painting. Reading helps me escape. Fresh air has become an unlikely friend for me as well.”

Jaclynn L

High: “The motion sensor on my ring doorbell went off. I immediately thought: go away. A few minutes later, I got a text from a friend telling me it was #ThirstyThursday and the first drink was on her. She had left a delicious Moscow Mule on my porch in a red solo cup covered in cellophane. All I had to do was pour it into my own glass and add ice. Then I FaceTimed her so we could have a happy hour together. When my family and I have needed to get out of the house, we have gone to friends and families houses and chalked their driveways with love and positive messages.”

Low: “Dealing with uncertainty has been really hard during this time. I have to be so careful to not let myself go down the rabbit hole, especially at night. We had to cancel my son’s 4th birthday party. The grandparents still dropped off gifts and sang to him from afar, but everyone was holding in tears. Not being able to spend time with family in person has been truly challenging. ”

What’s Saving Your Life Right Now? “I cannot get enough of the Marco Polo app. It is allowed me to stay in contact with many of my friends and family members. We get a glimpse into each others days and can share our highs and lows. Being able to get outside has also been a huge blessing. We bundle up when the weather isn’t great just because we need to get out and stretch our legs. Sunny days also give me hope for the future.”

Shann E

High: “I think the best part of this quarantine is seeing how strong our connections really are. From doing Zoom calls to having neighbors decorate their windows to text messages, even though we can’t physically be together, we are still making a huge effort to be in each others’ lives.”

Low: “Limiting screen time is really hard for us. I feel like I’m failing in entertaining my kids enough, and they are turning to their screens a lot in order to stop the fighting and yelling.”

What’s Saving Your Life Right Now? “Anything related to Art! Drawing pictures, painting, and dancing is saving my sanity. I never used to take the time to do these things with my kids, and now that we have, I want to keep doing them.”

Michaela S

High: “One high from this time of social distancing is that I get to snuggle my baby (toddler) every morning. I am there when he wakes up and the joy in his eyes makes my heart happy.”

Low: “I am very worried about my students and their wellbeing. I also feel a little guilty that this quarantine time has been relatively “easy” for me and my family knowing that it has not been for others.”

What’s Saving Your Life Right Now? “My husband and son are one source of encouragement. Navigating the world of online learning has definitely kept my mind busy. When I need a moment for me, I have been taking time to read.”

What about you? Tell us more about your highs, lows, and what’s saving your life right now.


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