Shared Calendar: The Key to Family Organization


Do you ever feel like your calendar is crazy, your to-do-list is a million items long, and it’s hard to keep track of everything going on? That is definitely the case for me…between my job, after work activities, and daily life, I needed something to keep track of my schedule. I absolutely love having a daily planner and using it to help keep my life in order. Usually on Sunday mornings, I will plan everything out for the week and write it in my planner. I like to see what events we have coming up during the week and this also allows me plan our meals ahead of time. There is just something so satisfying about using different colored pens and being able to cross things off as I complete them. To help keep us even more organized, we use a large dry eraser board at home that allows me to keep track of all the things going on during the entire month.

Both of these methods are very useful for ME, but not when I forget my planner at home or in the car and need to schedule an appointment for myself or my son. Also, my personal planner and dry erase board won’t benefit my husband when he is trying to make an appointment or adjust his work schedule. Instead of him having to text or constantly ask me if we have anything going on, we did something pretty serious: we started using a digital calendar that we could sync together on our phones! This has been life changing, saves so many headaches, and cuts down on the messaging back and forth. We are now both able to see what we have going on and together we can add to the calendar when necessary. At first we were using the calendar on our iPhones, until I discovered the Cozi Family Organizer app. It’s free and super cool because it has more features than a basic calendar. Every family member can have their own color to distinguishes our different schedules. You can send reminders to ensure you don’t miss any upcoming events or important meetings. One of my favorite features is the ability to create shopping lists. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the store and left the list on the counter at home. I love that both my husband and I can access the calendar and see each other’s schedules. Who knew mom life could be so busy? There really is an app for everything!

How do you keep your family organized and track of all the things happening in daily life?

The Key to Family Organization


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