The Seasons of Parenting Are Constantly Changing


No one prepared me for how fast seasons would change once I was a parent. I mean, sure there are the actual seasons I need to find coats and sunblock and umbrellas for, but I also mean the season of utter exhaustion with a new baby; the season of toddler giggles; the season of lasts as the child’s senior year of high school wraps up.

I’m currently living in a season where my heart breaks every single morning as I watch my daughters walk into school. Both (even the five-year-old) are already too cool for mom to walk them in, so I stand behind watching their backs go further and further into the distance. I am so proud of them. I love them so much it physically hurts my heart knowing the hand-holding season is waning. They still give me a bear hug before running off. I’ll take that as long as it’s offered.

The rest of life gives us seasons, too. We have all just weathered the dark season of COVID. It was a season of isolation, mental anguish, bread baking. Looking forward, we can choose to continue any of those things, but the season where it is forced upon us has passed.

And that is the beauty of living a seasonal life. The seasons change. I know I can get through winter solely because spring and, even better, summer is on the horizon. I can walk through a heavy time at work because success is around the corner. I take on more responsibilities because my head says it’s right and let go of others because my heart says it’s time.

My mom always reminded me we were lucky to live in a place where the leaves fall off the trees. That means we get snow at Christmas and flower buds in spring. So goes our lives. A life of pure bliss 24/7 would lose its meaning. A life of grey, sad days, well… We can all agree that’s not a way to live.

I write this to say, I see you, mama. I see you folding baby clothes for the 100th time, wishing you could just get an hour to yourself. I see you helping with math homework that’s already beyond you. I see you touring college campuses with your babies wondering where the heck the time went.

I hope you see it yourself. See the moment. Take it in. Parenting seasons change so fast, it’s easy to miss the best days.


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