Weekends Are the Ultimate Routine Disrupters and I Don’t Like Them



Unpopular opinion: I don’t like weekends. There, I said it.

I know, its a bold statement to declare I don’t like weekends, the most popular days for almost the rest of the planet, but hear me out. I am a SAHM. My husband travels a decent amount for work. The weeks he is gone are long, but we get into our routine. I am a type A person, so when I’m parenting solo, I get into my own groove. Wake up, do the dishwasher, get kids’ milk, get packed for the day, etc. The kids know who is in charge. When  I say, “No,” they know I mean it.

Then weekends come along. My husband and I are both burned out from the week, for different reasons. We have set up a sleep schedule on weekends that has helped somewhat with the strain of raising two young kids. My husband sleeps in on Saturdays and I take Sundays. This way, we at least know we get to recharge and aren’t fighting about who has to get up at 6am. So Saturday morning starts like any other. I get up and do my thing. Around 9am (yes, this is seriously sleeping in with tiny humans for those of you who may have forgotten), my husband rolls out of bed and pure chaos ensues.

The phrase we say the most in our house on weekends is, “I swear they were listening before you came in.” Our kids get excited. They get confused. My husband and I generally parent in similar ways, but I tend to be more lenient. When we are all together they struggle with who to listen to. They tend to go a bit crazy. My husband and I start to bicker. I get frustrated because my routine is off.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our time together as a family, all four of us.

But I don’t always like it. We are slowly learning how to work better together as a family unit on the weekends. We thrive when we have activities, so we try to do something as a family at least once a weekend. My husband and I try to give each other time alone on the weekends as well. It is a nice break from the kids for me and for him, a nice break from kids and work. 

Do you look forward to weekends? How do you maintain balance in your home on Saturdays and Sundays?


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