Ep. 2 : Did We Just Become Best Friends?


"I don't know what TRL is...what is that? In 2003, I was literally learning cursive on a chalkboard at my elementary school."

Episode 2 – Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Adult friendships can be tough, but they are also one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another! In this episode, two best friends chat about friendship and the challenges that can stand in the way, loneliness in motherhood, and even about TRL, Lady Gaga, and Nirvana.

This is the perfect episode to share with your best mom friends!

Episode #2 - Show Notes



Episode #2 - About Our Guest

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Raised in the Milwaukee area, Melania has always had a heart for humans. Once upon a time a teen mom, she wings her way through motherhood with chocolate, her mom tribe, and all the love. A sought-after local speaker and advocate for the victims of human trafficking, Melania truly has a heart for her fellow humans. Melania believes that labels should be twisted into good, Pinterest is a form of self-care, and Instagram is the best of social media platforms. Her days are spent balancing her career, drinking chai tea, reading good books, and adventuring with her daughter, Yara.

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