Ep. 3 : Getting Kids Talking and Holding Their Own


"If you want to have a more positive mindset, be more resilient, you have to work at it and practice happy habits."

Episode 3 – Getting Kids Talking & Holding Their Own

Have you ever asked your kids, “How was your day?” only to get the same one-word answers time after time? Sometime, what it takes to move past “good,” “fine” or a grunt is to ask a better question!

We chat with Beth Ridley, author of “365 Ways to Ask How Was Your Day,” about getting our kids talking, empowering them with an entrepreneurial mindset, and how sometimes the most loving thing we can do is to let our kids fail.

Episode #3 - Show Notes

Episode #3 - About Our Guest

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Currently a resident of Whitefish Bay, this mama is a powerhouse! Beth has 25 years corporate experience working in different industries and 5 different countries. She worked in NYC for 10 years and was a senior leader at Northwestern Mutual for 12 years. Beth loves to watch Shark Tank with my kids and we are always thinking what business we can start together. The book she published with her kids gave her the confidence to start her own career wellness company that provides solutions to help individuals achieve professional success along with personal wellbeing.

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