Ep. 6 : The Crisis of Black Maternal and Infant Health

Black Maternal Health Podcast

"Racism is the issue in all of this because it creates all these other systemic issues that have an impact on pregnancy outcomes."

Episode 6 – The Crisis of Black Maternal and Infant Health

Trigger Warning: Episode discusses incidents of trauma, abuse, racism, and infant loss. 

What does racism have to do with the fact that black mothers and babies are suffering mortality rates many times worse than that of their white counterparts? In a word, EVERYTHING. In this jam-packed episode, we talk with Kisha Shanks of Infinite Family Solutions, aka “The Mom Mentor,” about black maternal and infant mental health, the role systemic racism plays in maternal mortality rates, racial bias in the health care system, and so much more.

Every mother should be aware of these topics, consider the facts, and consider what they can do to make a difference. 

Episode #6 - About Our Guest

Black Maternal Health Podcast


A certified Infant Mental Health Consultant, owner and founder of Infinite Family Solutions, and known as “The Mom Mentor,” Kisha Shanks might very well be the closest thing Milwaukee has to a Mom Superhero. She seeks to help families start off and stay healthy through everything from home visits to relationship coaching, and more.

About Infinite Family Solutions

Infinite Family Solutions is committed to not only improving birth outcomes for Black Babies, but also to strengthening the emotional and social development of babies, mothers and the entire family unit. Through culturally relevant programming, Infinite Family Solutions seeks to help families overcome many of the socio-economic barriers to having healthy pregnancies, healthy babies and to raising emotionally competent children. This is accomplished through home visiting and personalized case management.

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