Ep. 9 : Why Moms Need to Exist in Photos


"You are the physical embodiment of everything you mean to your loved ones. Right now. As you are."

Episode 9 – Why Moms Need to Exist in Photos

Most of us carry a pretty great camera around with us nearly constantly, but often times, moms tend to want to remain behind the camera and hesitate to get in the photos they are capturing of their loved ones. Which begs the question….WHY?

We sit down for a conversation with Jennifer Brindley, portrait photographer extraordinaire, to chat about her “exist in photos” philosophy and why getting in the photo is so important. We also chat about body positivity, storm chasing, and vegan fish fries.

Existing in photos is about more than just getting in the picture. It’s about embracing who you are and what you mean to those you love. 

Episode #9 - Show Notes




Episode #9 - About Our Guest

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Passionate about helping people feel their best in front of the camera, Jennifer Brindley has been creating beautiful portrait images for twelve years. In addition to her portrait studio, Jennifer is an experienced storm chaser who studies, pursues, and captures tornados each year.

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