Ep. 10 : Parenting with Love and Logic


"In the midst of a tantrum or outburst, remember this is okay. They're just processing that the world isn't always going to go their way."

Episode 10 – Parenting with Love and Logic

Every parent has put their head in their hands and wondering why on earth kids didn’t come with an owner’s manual. We do our best, deal with the fallout, adjust and try again. Today, we are talking to a trained educator in the Love and Logic technique about some basic principles that could really rock your parenting world.

We’ll touch on natural consequences, affordable mistakes, the “misbehavior cycle” and spend a good amount of time on tips to avoid yelling at our kids.

There may not be an instruction manual for parenting, but learning these Love & Logic Techniques may come pretty close!

Episode #10 - Show Notes




Episode #10 - About Our Guest



Kristal has a degree in Elementary Education with graduate work in Special Education. She began her career teaching for seven years in Milwaukee Public Schools until her first child was born. When she began her family, she started researching parenting philosophies. Many made sense to her but seemed lacking. When she found Love and Logic, she knew it was exactly what she’d been looking for. She loved how it held children responsible for their behavior while focusing on keeping a strong relationship with them.  She wished she’d known the skills when she was a classroom teacher. She used Love and Logic on each of her own children and when her youngest children, twins, turned a year old, she became a Love and Logic facilitator. She teaches Love and Logic classes and seminars for parents and educators, as well as doing individual in-home Parent Coaching. Her goal is to help adults build strong relationships with the children in their lives to help the children grow into respectful and responsible adults.

To contact her to teach for your organization or just for you and a group of friends, check out her website, https://kristalmelbye.wixsite.com/loveandlogic, or follow her on Facebook @ParentingWithKristalMelbye

If you’re interested in the Two Month Turnaround program she mentioned on the podcast, you can find more information here:

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