Ep. 11 : How Conversations about Race Bridge the Divide


"Racism is not how I treat my neighbor, it's a systemic problem that results in disparities between people of color and the dominant group."

Episode 11 – How Conversations about Race Bridge the Divide

When we talk about racism in a modern context, it can be tempting to think that our society is somehow post-racial, but nothing could be further from the truth. Having conversations about race is exactly what led to the formation of Bridge the Divide, a community effort based in Cedarburg that creates an environment for conversations to take place, for learning in love, and challenging the systemic racism that permeates our modern society. Founded by two Milwaukee area moms, Bridge the Divide has grown into a multi-faceted effort that includes monthly meetings, a book drive, a podcast and so much more.

We are thrilled to present our first “crossover” episode with Erica Turner and Heidi Wheeler of Bridge the Divide and we get right after it.

Racism is a systemic problem we all need to understand as parents and Bridge the Divide is there as a resource to help.

Episode #11 - About Our Guests

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Erica is a nurse by trade and currently works in I.T. Much of her professional life is conducted in white spaces. Erica works to be a person with whom people can easily relate. She believes that her relationship with God should be mirrored in her relationship with others. Erica is honest and passionate, not afraid to ask tough questions or  give tough answers. Facilitating conversations as part of Bridge the Divide affords her opportunities to forge relationships in her suburban community and actively diversify their world to effect change. Erica received the 2018 NAACP Ozaukee Branch Game Changer Award and 2019 YWCA SEW Eliminating Racism Award.

Heidi is a question asker and change agent, advocating for those whose voices are marginalized. Master’s prepared nurse practitioner (University of Colorado), professor, writer, and mother of four, Heidi’s deeply held beliefs stretch her to find time for racial healing work despite her other commitments. Heidi enjoys co-hosting Bridge the Divide podcast and writing thought-provoking pieces to challenge people’s preconceived ideas. She was the 2019 recipient of the Ozaukee Chapter of Baha’i Spirit of Unity award.

Get to know more about Bridge the Divide, attend the monthly meetings at the Cedarburg Public Library, listen to the podcast, and more!

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