Ep. 14 : The Wild World of Working Motherhood


"If you're coming into contact with a lot of competition between moms, it's time to shut down that circle."

Episode 14 – The Wild World of Working Motherhood

1 in 4 families are financially maintained by mothers only, yet we still struggle as a society with providing adequate support for mothers who do so. What does it mean to be a working mom? How is it defined? Is it reserved only for those who are working in salaried career role or it is broader than that? What about the unspoken tension between those who identify as working moms and those who do not work outside the home?

Working Motherhood in its very existence is dealing with an identity crisis. We sit down to chat with Susannah Lago, the founder of Working Moms of Milwaukee, to discuss these issues and to talk more about the organization she founded to support working moms in the greater Milwaukee area.

This episode creates space to discuss just a few of the many facets of what it means to be a “working mom” while also tackling some of the larger issues at play that continue to make it a challenge for moms to feel supported in the workforce.

Episode #14 - About Our Guest



Susannah Lago is the founder of Working Moms of Milwaukee and Style Up Group LLC. She was recently named one of Milwaukee’s 40 under 40 in recognition of her efforts to empower other professionals in the community. A long-time resident of Milwaukee, she is the proud mama to two kiddos and is passionate about supporting women and creating spaces to boost one another up.

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