Holiday Bonus Episode : Where We Drink Wine and Watch Netflix Christmas Movies


"If the Night King from Game of Thrones came out of the bushes at me at night on my college campus, I'd be pooping my pants."

Holiday Bonus Episode – Where We Drink Wine and Watch Netflix Christmas Movies

In this fun little holiday frolic, Sarah and Melania plan out a movie marathon of three holiday movies on Netflix with running commentary along the way, along with a decked out charcuterie board and a couple bottles of wine.

On the viewing list are the following Netflix movies: 

  • Santa Girl – Santa’s daughter is determined to live her own life by going to college, though she remains committed to her family duty of marrying the son of Jack Frost, her betrothed husband from the time she was an infant. Also includes the Tooth Fairy’s son playing matchmaker, a leprechaun minister, and The Night King from Game of Thrones.
  • The Spirit of Christmas – A career-minded professional falls in love with a 90-year old ghost who knows how to use ADT security systems and play the piano, who also enjoys long snowshoeing hikes through the woods that don’t end in a fatal head injury.
  • The Knight Before Christmas – A 14th-century knight who was just minding his own business is suddenly transported to modern day Ohio where he meets a high school science teacher with a tricked out guest house and about fifteen winter coats. He loves to bake bread and fight lawn decorations with his sword. We also discuss what a “codpiece” is.

Holiday Bonus Episode - Show Notes


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We are best friends and we like to eat cheese plates and watch silly movies. This time, we figured it would be fun to record it.


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