Five Ways to Invest in Yourself this Fall


After I signed my daughter up for swimming and dance; I thought to myself “I want to take a class!” After the internal wrestle to balance budgets, family time and self care, I did find a baking class, pulled the trigger and actually registered. And it was worth every dollar, calorie and minute.

Lately, my social feed has been bombarded with quotes and articles about the importance of self-care. These center around the idea that self-care helps us to stay balanced and remain patient when dealing with the daily grind.

Self care isn’t important so we can manage our lives. Self care is important because you, mom, are entitled to self-care. Entitled as in, worthy of the investment.

You, friend, are worth small luxuries because you are a person worthy of feeling good. Not because you’ve earned it or you need it to balance the scale from “out of control” to “manageable.” Even as I type the word “entitled,” my heart starts to race because we’ve been taught to shy away from the idea and label it as selfish. Am I entitled to caring for myself as a whole person? To actually receive after hours and days of giving? Yes. Am I entitled to do the things that bring me joy? Yes!

Entitled is a scary word but let’s embrace it and prioritize ourselves for the sake of ourselves. Now, where to start? I invite you to indulge yourself in a five minute brainstorm of all the ways you can treat yourself to some serious self-care this fall. My list included a lot of far-fetched, nerve-going-to-happen, crazy expensive ideas and some reasonable ideas at little to no cost at all.

Here are a few ways to invest in yourself this fall:

  1. Pumpkin and apple picking with your friends – then hit up a local brewery or winery.
  2. Solo Sunday – take a yoga class, get a manicure or do anything for 2-3 hours that you would have done on a “before kids” weekend.
  3. Enter the 2021 Pie Championship at Honeypie! – butter, sugar, and the chance to win!
  4. Yoga Social!  – Enjoy yoga at a number of awesome Milwaukee venues!
  5. Go “back to school” shopping. Inventory your closet and invest in a quality closet staple. Or, treat yourself to flowers or chocolates or anything else that brings you joy!

What are your favorite ways to indulge in self-care?


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