The Magical Art of Slowing Time Down


slowing time

If you’re anything like me, you catch yourself saying, “How is it already fall?” or “How did my kids get so big?” It seems like every year time goes faster and faster. One minute we can’t wait for summer vacation, and the next minute we’re taking down the Christmas tree. So, I’ve decided I need to practice the art of slowing time down. It may seem impossible and it’s actually a huge challenge for me, but here’s what I’ve been trying lately. 

Take a Breath

I constantly feel like I’m rushing all day long. Between getting the kids ready for school, laundry, errands, meeting them from the bus, doing homework, dinner, and bedtime, I feel like I don’t stop. I don’t check in with myself. I almost feel like I’m holding my breath all day trying to just cram it all in or not forget something important.

But, guess what? If I don’t get all the dishes clean or the clothes washed, is anything really going to happen?

No. Everything will be fine. No one will even notice. Well, except for me. So, it’s OK to take a minute or an hour to sit down during the day. Take some deep breaths. Focus on how I’m feeling, and what is going on around me without the kids.

Social Media Can Wait

Morning time seems like the busiest. I’m rushing to pack lunches, get breakfast ready, make sure the kids are actually eating the breakfast, and getting everyone dressed. In between, I’m trying to suck down a cup of coffee, check my email, and get myself dressed.

Since my kids get up super early (I’m talking 6 am early), getting up before them is not an option for me. Instead, I need to focus on doing one thing at a time, and also waiting to do my stuff until they are on the bus. Sure, I like to work on my blog, or write here any chance I get, but do I really do writing while I’m getting them ready? No. I check Facebook or Instagram. I read emails that aren’t usually work related. So, again, this can wait. 

I’ve stopped turning on the computer until the kids leave for school. I also leave my phone at it’s charger. In addition, I’ve started playing music in the kitchen while I’m packing lunches and making breakfast. Isn’t everything better with music? I’m working on putting my phone down while I’m with the boys at home. I only have those few minutes before school, and a few hours after. So, when they want to wind down by watching a movie and someone asks to sit on my lap, I say yes. Do I like watching cartoons or silly movies with talking dogs (Spooky Buddies, I’m looking at you)? Not really, but I do enjoy snuggling with my boys and being able to just focus on them. 

Simple Changes

While these changes may seem simple, they are still a challenge for me. I like to multi-task. I like to check things off my list each day. However, I’ve realized that being so focused on getting things done doesn’t allow me to focus on enjoying what is happening around me. I’m just speeding through one thing to get on to the next. I’ve got my finger on fast forward, when I really need to press pause every once in a while.

Finding the joy in every day tasks, spending more quality time with my family, and doing one thing at a time really is the magical art of slowing time down for me. 

slowing time


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