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Unhelpful Comments: Things We Need To Stop Saying To New Moms

Being a new mom is the craziest experience. The mix of emotions you feel during that first month is unreal. You are the strongest...

A Mother’s Checklist for Taking Advice

I’ll never forget the first terrible advice I got as a mother. It came from the pediatrician who examined my daughter before releasing us from...

Plates of Pasta and TV Shows

I am a sort of a "free mom." I believe in my girls making their own choices to learn from (for the most part)....

What Primary Teachers Wish All Parents Implemented at Home

I wasn’t quite sure how one went about teaching their firstborn to read. I’d never raised a human before. I hadn’t majored in Elementary...

Expert Advice for a First Time Mom

Somewhere along the line, having birthed three children and raising them well enough that we can take them out to eat at casual restaurants...

The Birth Advice I Didn’t Follow

Is there anything you would change about your children’s births? I don’t mean things that were out of your control, but something you could have...