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My Hair, My Identity

The other day I was at the park with my family and I saw two little girls there playing. They were playing so well...

Five Reasons I’m Keeping my Gray Hair

My son was overwhelmed with emotion when he decided to brush my hair the other day and he saw all the gray hair I have...

Save Your Kids’ Hair (and Yours): Easy Summer Haircare Tips

Let's talk about summer haircare. Don't we all want that summer hair color that we had when we were five: perfectly, naturally balayaged from...

Please Don’t Touch My Hair

Let's talk about hair. Hair can be an expression of one's personality, an exclamation mark on a living, breathing canvas. Our sense of self can...

Hair Lessons from a Bald Mom and Breast Cancer Survivor

My hair was shoulder length when I shaved my head in January 2015. I watched in the mirror as the brown, curly ringlets fell...

A Story of Heart and Hair

It’s hard to believe it was only 3 years ago that my then 7th grader was walking out the door for school with her...