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Ep. 4 : Kicking Down the Door on the Pelvic Floor

Episode 4 - Kicking Down the Door on the Pelvic Floor Our bodies change a LOT as we grow older, especially after we've brought a...

Fed Up with Insistent Incontinence:: The Impact of Pelvic Floor Therapy

This post is sponsored by Revitalize Physical Therapy. With locations in Wauwatosa and Hales Corners, the caring staff seeks to provide hands-on, one on...

Living with Leaks No Longer {PeriCoach GIVEAWAY}

Several weeks ago, my secret was exposed....I am a pants-peeing mama.  As in, hard-sneezing, solid-coughing, don't get me laughing or I will wet myself kind...

Living with Leaks :: Combating Motherhood Incontinence

Yup. I pee my pants. We've all seen the memes. We giggle, cough, sneeze, or attempt to jog and we pay the price. Please tell...