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Fitness Saved My Life

I think fitness saved my life.Okay, I could be exaggerating, but I definitely think that fitness and nutrition have turned me into the person...

Taking Care of Your Fertility Health

This post is presented by VIOS Fertility Institute whose philosophy is to bring the science of medicine and the art of care to each patient in...

Transformation through DNA :: My GenoPalate Results and Review

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I've tried numerous diets, many with little to no success. I've been...

Live Healthier with GenoPalate

Did you know that your genes are telling you what foods you should and should not be eating? Yes, your “genes,” not your “jeans,”...

Exploring Milwaukee’s Fabulous Farmers’ Markets

June. Its the start of outdoor farmer's market season here in the Midwest. And in the metro Milwaukee area, we are blessed with an...

Kids and Food :: Confessions of a Former Food Snob Mom

“He eats everything,” I told my pediatrician proudly at my son's one year check up. “That’s great,” she said with a smile that said just wait,...