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Parenting a Teen:: The Cat Years

I thought I would hit my stride when my kids became teenagers. Truth be told, I didn’t love the baby stage. The toddler years...

A Letter to the One Who Taught Me What Love Is

The day I found out I was pregnant with you, I cried, hard. I wasn't ready to be a mom. I knew from the...
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To My Son As You Begin High School

Wasn't it just yesterday that I took SIX positive pregnancy tests and said to your Dad, "I THINK I'm pregnant?" The shock of you entering our world...

Bracing for Impact:: My First Father’s Day with My Fatherless Son

Bracing for impact - it’s something I do everyday since my ex walked out of my son’s and my life. I do it in the...

Why I Am Dating My Teenage Son

It seems every day there are new charges of sexual misconduct swarming at never-before-seen rates. I have no answers as to why this is,...

Being a Better Wife, Because of My Son

Since having my son, I think a lot about the future. What kind of man he will become, the type of individual he will...

Today, I Did Nothing

Today, I did nothing. I try to plan events for my son and me to do every day. I use the term event loosely as...