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My Baby’s Struggle with Torticollis

Before I had my son, I never dreamed that anything would be less than perfect with my newborn baby. But, even at a few...

Before Motherhood:: Five Things I Miss About Myself

I don't think I'm alone in saying that being a mom has completely changed my life. It has also drastically changed who I have...

Sometimes We Fight

Sometimes we fight. Like really fight. We have blow-ups packed with shouting and lots of my tears. In the heat of the moment, embracing anger...

Breast Cancer and Boudoir Photos

The first time I posed in my bra and panties I giggled at the absurdity of standing nearly naked in front of a stranger...

What Strong Women Tell Themselves Every Day

People tell me that I'm strong. They tell me that I do things they could never do. They say things like, "I look up...